Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Aura Cameras See

Most people, when you mention the new technology that has brought the field of aura cameras to a whole new, interactive level, their first question is along the lines of "well, how can you take a picture of an aura, and what exactly IS an aura to begin with?" Now, answers might vary depending who you ask, but when it comes to aura photography, it's the science of auras that is important. An aura is composed of the HEF- the human energy field, which is the electromagnetic field that exists around the human body. Skeptics should know that every object and organism in the world is surrounded by such a field. This field, combined with biofeedback information from the body is what aura cameras use to produce photographs of a person's aura.

When people talk about auras in terms of the seven auric fields, they are actually talking about the chakra system. These energy centers in the body all have their own frequency and while separate, all are interrelated and affect not only each other, but the entire body and mind. Chakras affect the physical body, the mental thought process, the emotional self and the actions and behaviors of each. This information makes clear why so many healing modalities look to bring balance to the body's energy systems and to the chakras, as this will have a broad range of beneficial effects on a person's well-being. As you can see, the ability to see auras via aura cameras is extremely useful when focusing on healing, especially in terms of balancing the auric bodies.

The seven auric fields correspond to a particular body part as well as a chakra. The needs, traits, and color frequency associated with each are reflected in the list below.

* Red: the first chakra is known as the physical aura body. Its location is at the base of the spine at the perineum. Also known as the root chakra, it is associated with the base needs of the body, including safety, comfort and pleasure.
* Orange: the second chakra is sometimes called the etheric auric body. Located in the lower abdomen just underneath the belly button, it is an emotional center that is associated with the emotions in terms of the self.
* Yellow: the vital auric body, or the second chakra, can be found at the solar plexus. It is a place of connection for the lower and upper bodies- the physical and the emotional. It is a place of personal power.
* Green: the fourth chakra is often called the astral body and/or the emotional auric body. Located at heart-level and centered in the chest, it's associations include love and relationships with family and friends.
* Blue: the fifth chakra (lower mental auric body) is located in the throat. It is the place where individual divine will is realized; also focuses heavily on communication.
* Indigo: the sixth chakra (higher mental auric body) is located on the forehead in the traditional third eye placement. It is connected to spiritual ecstasy and divine love.
* Violet: the seventh chakra, known as the spiritual or intuitive body, is found on the top of the head. Its main associations are connected to divinity and the universe as well as the higher, divine self.

Written by Mel Bryson. See your unique aura colors with aura cameras. Read auras through aura photography at auraphoto.com .

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Ian Stone said...

We have been doing a lot of work with Auras and Chakras and have found the Aura to be the The Soul of the individual this is the primary Energy Centre.

And with recent studies we have found that if you remove all disturbances completely from the Aura, you cannot find any disturbances at all within the major Chakras.

The ability to do this has only recently been developed. The initial results are quite outstanding.

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
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