Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Is Automatic Writing?

by M Deskins

Automatic writing is a fascinating subject. There are those who believe in such an ability, and there are those who are skeptic. Of course there is no real scientific evidence surrounding automatic writing, but many people believe in it and practice it anyway. Automatic writing, for those who do practice it, has many benefits. Many people who practice automatic writing find it a very reliable form of divination. You can receive much insight and knowledge with automatic writing.
So what is automatic writing? Automatic writing is a form of divination and self help that consists of writing while in a trance. Some say that a spirit will take over the body of the person performing the automatic writing, while others believe the person writes from their own subconscious mind. Personally I believe it can be a mixture of both. Perhaps the spirit communicates to the automatic writer through their subconscious mind.

Automatic writing can be very subtle. If you wish to try automatic writing, you must realize that you may not necessarily "feel" your body or your hands being taken over by anything. Some people may, and some people don't. You just write. That's all you do. You can type if you wish, or you can write with a pen and a paper. It's a good idea to meditate and to breathe deeply while writing to help enable your trance state. Pray for some insight before hand. Let your hands do the work. If any thoughts do pop up in your mind, make sure to write them down. Some people even hope to write down information about their past lives that they can't remember consciously.

If you have any specific questions that you need insight about, think about them while writing. You don't have to read what you're writing as you're writing it, but if you do see anything that doesn't seem to make sense, just ignore it and keep on writing.

If none of your automatic writing makes sense around the time you write it, go back every so often and reread it. It may make more sense in time. You may be able to connect your automatic writing results with events that will happen later on.

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