Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Are We Afraid of Ghosts?

By David Braybrooke

The very fact that ghosts are a source of much fear for many people seems somewhat bewildering to me. The reason is probably because they represent the 'unknown' and this factor is unsettling to the human psyche. But why should the unknown be something that causes such angst?

Many world renowned psychics consider ghostly phenomena as being nothing more than pockets of intense emotion that are trapped within the layers of time. The emotional states of human observers often seem to match those of the ghostly figures encountered, as though these said expressed emotions trigger off the entity that we know as a ghost.

Those who have encountered the spectra known as a poltergeist, that being a spiritual phenomena that seems to hang around children who are approaching puberty, may have witnessed an unusually violent force that can move objects, slam drawers and levitate heavy furniture. It has been theorized that the energy surrounding the child somehow causes the disturbance and in fact there is no other being involved.

A famous ghostly case known as the Enfield Poltergeist was eventually thought to have been a psychic disturbance caused by a lonely young girl who was simply seeking attention. When doors and furniture started moving, seemingly by themselves, people indeed started paying attention to the fact.

Some ghostly sightings have probably been nothing more than tricks of the observer's imagination, including the smoky, haze like apparitions that sometimes appear in photographs. A flaw in the film perhaps?

Psychic theory also poses the possibility that some ghost sightings are of spirits of deceased people who are visiting from the other side in order to warn humans of impending disaster or related troubles. Of course if you don't happen to believe in life after death then this idea may seem a little ludicrous.

One often hears stories that someone has seen the ghost of a beloved Aunt or Grandmother or some other relative. Perhaps this occurs as a strong emotional bond continues to exist after the family member has passed away. A ghostly experience may indeed be simply a reminder of a loved ones continued existence.

From personal experience, after my beloved Grandfather passed away from pancreatic cancer I thought that I saw his image in a television show. It was a very unusual event for me and one that left me wondering about his continued existence.

It seems unlikely that ghosts are beings that are at all threatening to humans and the ongoing fear that surrounds them probably has more to do with their unexplainable factor.

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