Monday, September 1, 2008

How to Analyse Dreams

By Leah G

Amongst the many things I do, one of them is that I analyse Dreams. I do so with great success and as a result have set up a facility for others to benefit from my insight and my method.

One thing that I wish to share with you is how I approach dream interpretation and how using the same method, you can learn how to interpret your own dreams. As a literary, creative group, you may find this is much easier than you first imagined.

Note: The method I will briefly outline is how I analyze dreams. This method may not be the method of other dream analysts, but this is how I view dreams and how I interpret their meaning.

A simple explanation follows.

I see dreams as pictorial metaphors, images that replace words.

The English language is rich in metaphor; we can barely speak without it. All these images and gestures are communicated to us in dreams.

For example, in language when wishing to communicate that we feel things will get better after a period of struggle, we may use the expression:'there is light a the end of a tunnel'. In a dream this 'feeling' may be represented in exactly the same way, by seeing ourselves traveling down a tunnel towards a light, or by viewing a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

The dream does not mean we are about to go pot holing! It is merely a metaphor for how we feel, or for how events are about to unfold in our waking life. In other words, after a period of struggle, things are about to get better.

The question arises do we see that image in a dream, specifically because that metaphor exists within our language OR does that metaphor exist within our language because we see that image in our dreams.

I shall leave you with that thought!

Happy dreaming

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