Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scary Ghost Story - "About Angels"

By Sammy Davis

It was raining and I left my umbrella at home. I never get in cars with strangers, just a thought of that horrified me. I was dripping wet, but the bus still hasn't come. I couldn't take it anymore and raised my hand to stop a car that was driving by. The car stopped and I got in...

It was dark and pouring so I didn't see right away that the driver took the wrong turn-off. When I realized it I started demanding and then begging him to let me out of the car. I wanted to jump out, but the door was locked. There wasn't a car or a policeman in sight. But even if there were I doubt that any of them would here me screaming because of the rain.

The man stopped the car aggressively, jumped on me and started ripping my clothes off. I tried to resist, so he started hitting me on the head with something. I was desperately crying out for help almost passing out from the pain.

Suddenly something unbelievable started to happen. Just for a moment an unbearably bright light appeared. An image of someone heavenly and beautiful rose above my enemy. I saw how the man who tried to kill me fell out of the car. Then some unseen force softly pushed me out of the car. I ran out on the road. And as I ran I felt as if someone was floating beside me...

I tripped over something and almost fell. I mean I would have fallen if someone wouldn't have caught me. I still remember that touch.

"With what did I deserve this mercy from God?" - I asked myself after what happened.


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