Monday, September 1, 2008

UFOs and more UFOs

by Peter

UFOs are an established figure in all sci-fi and fantasy, also government cover-ups. So there's no doubt in my mind that UFO fanatics are Extremely happy that the ministry of defense have made most UFO and alien files public in the UK.

These government documents have many detailed sightings of alien craft hovering over various locations such as London.

Hundreds of files of UFO sightings and weird objects in the skys over the United Kingdom are now available to everyone. This information is considered very important, so important that a form has now been produced and kept at police stations and various army bases, ready to be filled in by the public or poilce employees etc.

The Minstry of Defence (MoD) Was not concerned that we might be getting visits from aliens from out of space, but were more interested in finding out if UFOs were just government spying missions from other countries.

Someone that worked for the MoD for over 20 years and was in charge of investigating sightings commented: "Although there is no evidence of physical alien beings in these files, they are still very interesting to believers and sceptics alike. A lot of the UFO sightings here are possibly misidentifications of various aircraft, meteors and natural occurences. But there are some cases that are harder to explain, which include UFOs seen by police officers and aircraft pilots, And also the cases that involve UFOs being tracked on radar."

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