Sunday, October 26, 2008

5 Reiki Principles - 5 valuable reasons for learning Reiki online

By: Alexander Gottwald

Reiki - a Kanji word from old Japanes language is hardly known in the country of its origin, though it is very well known to western spiritual seekers. "Rei" meaning "universal" or "spiritual" and "Ki" meaning "energy" or "power", Reiki to western new Age people became a synonym for divine energy or the force of God. The word was invented by Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki system in the beginning of 20th century. Modern Japanese people often don't even get the meaning of the word, they often consider to be foreign and thus writing it in Katakana, the writing for foreign words. Anyway, Reiki has become very famous in the west for decades, now being re-imported to the country of its origin.

Reiki started its triumph in Hawaii in the late 1940s, when a Hawaiian Lady called Hawayo Takata began treating people with Reiki, she had learned from Churijo Hayashi. As in Hawaii Pearl Harbor was located, it's not that surprising, that Mrs. Takata made up her own version of the origin of Reiki, to sort of veil the Buddhist and Shinto roots of the system, as they may have triggered a whole lot of negative emotions in American people at this particular time. From this long passed time there are still some legends passed on and around the world by not so well informed Reiki practitioners, e.g. the myth Usui Sensei had been a Christian Monk, studied in Chicago and many other biographical details invented by Mrs. Takata.

In the beginning of the 1980s Reiki came to Europe. At first only the Takata myths were known and taught, until a German Reiki Teacher moved to Japan and started teaching Reiki there. To his big surprise he found Reiki to be alive in Japan, which contradicted another Takata myth: She had claimed to be the one and only living Reiki teacher in the world, even calling herself a "Grand-Master" (a title Usui Sensei himself neither used nor ever gave to anyone!). From these days on, more and more informations about the origins of Reiki and its founder Usui Sensei came to light. The doors of the Usui Gakkai - the Organization founded in Tokyo to preserve Usui Sensei's work - stayed closed to westerners until today. But Japanese Reiki Teachers like e.g. Doi Hiroshi - the founder of Gendai Reiki - or Inamoto Hyakuten - who founded Hayashi based Komyo Reiki Kai made many details known also to western Reiki practitioners and teachers, so there is a much broader picture of what Reiki is and how it can serve us in the 21st century.

There are five basic rules, the Japanes Meji Emperor had invented. Usui Sensei adored this man very much (some might know him in his young years from the movie "Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise) and so he applied these five principles to his Reiki path. Let's have a look, how they can serve our personal development in the western realm even today about 100 years after Reiki had been founded and took its way from traditional sittings with the master himself to advanced online courses available e.g. Since 2004 the Reikifriendship an internationally acknowledged Reiki School has been online:

1.Just for today - don't be angry! This first principle is probably one of the most misunderstood in the west. Simply and habitually expressing our anger will burn us internally, which can threaten our lives. So kind compassion is not some luxury for sunny Sundays, but basic life-saving insight. So the first reason for learning Reiki online is to be reminded daily that letting anger take over simply destroys our lives. Reiki has some smart suggestions how to get over it again and again.

2.Just for today - don't worry! This is another big one. As we all know from many self-development programs, worries are very contra-productive. Failure can be the immediate result, if we don't stop this negative trip right away. It's such a big help for us in these stressful times to remember again and again, that worries can kill our integrity and thus the basis of our health and wealth!

3.Just for today - be grateful! In the movie the Secret the say: "What you think about and thank about, you bring about!" So gratitude is one of the huge attractor factors for wealth, health, happiness and success. The third reason to learn Reiki online is to daily be reminded to be grateful. It's so helpful, and you Won't want to miss this one another day!

4.Just for today - work hard on yourself! This one is a little more challenging to get, but not less important than the first three principles: If we don't take 100% responsibility, we won't achieve what we came here for. If we forget who is the most important person in our life, we can't master this principle: Ourselves! Working on others will only show poor results compared to what is possible if we take the full responsibility and live from that.

5.Only today - I will be kind to everybody! This last principle of course also starts with me! Only if I learn to be friendly with myself, I can be truly live compassion and kindness in my interaction with others. Online we have the daily opportunity to practice kindness to ourselves and all other Reiki students.

As we can see very clearly here, learning Reiki in an Online school can be far more supporting and challenging, than learning in an ordinary weekend class, with regular meetings following only once a month. The Reiki principles as presented by Usui Sensei are so precious for our daily success and well-being, that having the support of being reminded to them daily can be very useful for making the progress desired in one's life, may it concern business, health, relating or other areas of the human realm.

The Reikifriendship is a unique international Online Reiki School. It has been founded in 2004 by Alexander Gottwald, who is a transformative Coach and Reikiteacher. Hundreds of members have been joining worldwide until now and learn from hundreds of Reikisystems, Self-Coaching tools and Energy Work.

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