Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amazing Lucid Dreaming Techniques - Embrace The Mystery With These Simple Steps

By Tina Bardo

In this article we are going to discuss lucid dreaming techniques, and take a wild and wooly look at how YOU can experience the wonderful world of the unknown yourself! First let's take a quick look at some definitions, and then we'll move into some easy techniques you can try out yourself! Read on..;-)

Embrace the Mystery

Lucid dreaming is typically defined as the experience of acute awareness while in a dream state. In other words, you are dreaming...yet, you are AWARE that you are dreaming, and can seemingly control the direction of the series of unfolding events. Simply stated, this experience is one of HEIGHTENED awareness, and has a profound, almost mystical quality where the percipient ( the person having the experience) believes he or she is almost witnessing the events from a third person perspective.

Suffice it to say, you kind of have to EXPERIENCE understand it..:-)

The practical uses of lucid dreaming are many. Mystics from every major religion have used these experiences to bring about many of their most profound writings, teachings and foundational belief systems. Great artists, poets and even business leaders have cultivated much of their most definitive works in these altered states of awareness. And seers, psychics and other transpersonal maestros of many types and stripes have used this technique to predict the future...and even attempt to travel out of the body, and many other esoteric ideas we will have to cover in another article..:-)

Techniques and practical applications

The most common technique is to use sound, or brain entrainment technology to enter an altered state of consciousness, immediately preceding sleep. The use of headphones and an ipod or similar device has made this technique INFINITELY easier than it was only a mere decade ago. Simply training the brain to enter into a state of blissful state of being, while practicing the art of awareness, one can apply the full focus of the mind on observing the self from a "distance", often leading to tremendous personal breakthroughs and personal transformations!

Again, the lucid dreamer is one who pushes the boundaries of what is real...vs. what is not, and walks on the exciting edge of tremendous transformations while the rest of us are simply snoring the night away..:-)

The key is simply to start, embrace the mystery and begin the journey into the unknown, your life will NEVER be the same!

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