Monday, October 13, 2008

Are UFOs Real Or Fiction

By Aydan Corkern

If you are like most people that watch movies or the television, do you believe in UFOs? If you are like most some of us, we will swear that we have seen something in our skies flying very fast. I'm one of these people. I will swear that I have seen something that I could not identify in our afternoon sky.

At the time, the news people on the radio station that we were listening to tried to tell us that it was a weather balloon that had gotten away from someone that had sent it into the air. But this object that they tried to say was a weather balloon was just sitting there for a short time, and then it just off across the sky and never left a trail like a jet leaves.

There have been several sighting of these things all over the world. They seem to be watching us from afar. We send rockets to the moon and to Mars and all over space. Don't you think that if there is life out there that they might be thinking the same thing? How do we know that we are the only beings in this galaxy? We don't know. Have you ever wondered what these space ships would look like?

We have so many movies on this subject and so many different styles of ships. There are huge ships with thousands of beings on it to small ships that will only carry a few of them. Could these things really be true or are they just in someone's crazy mixed-up mind?

We keep looking for new planets to move to because we have almost run out of room for all of us to live here and be comfortable. If we don't slow down our pace and stop doing to our world what we keep doing to it every day, this space travel will become a thing of the past. We will have no other choice but to look at other worlds like these aliens are looking at us now.

We will make this world unsuitable for any life force to be able to life here, including us. Our planet will simply die for us. We will no longer be able to live on it, but maybe this is what these aliens are hoping for. If it is bad for us we might let them have it without a fight, or will it be like the movie Independence Day?

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