Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are We Ruled by Our Astrological Sign Traits - How Important is the Zodiac in Controlling Our Lives

By Carla Donnelly

Are you someone that grabs the newspaper to read the astrology section before any other part of the newspaper? Do you feel that your fate and decisions are all determined by your astrological constitution?

Your astrological sign is a very important factor in your interactions with others, career decisions and romance but it is good to keep in mind that we aren't just ruled by this. We can understand our tendencies and then make intelligent decisions after viewing our habitual patterns and typical responses.

Also there are different levels of each sign. For instance, a Leo can be very loving and generous. However, other tendencies can be that the Leo may not be tolerant and can be dominating. By knowing these tendencies, you can cultivate the higher qualities and work on being conscious of the darker side of your personality.

This is also important in understanding the health concerns that can arise for each sign. For instance, back pain and heart issues can arise for the Leo. By being conscious of one's tendency to be too generous at times, the Leo can be aware of the tendency to over extend and this can help stop actions that may lead to both being taken advantage of as well as to heart or back problems that can be reactions to doing too much for others and forgetting oneself. You do not have to be determined by your astrological traits but can creatively use these tendencies with consciousness rather than just living out a knee-jerk reaction. Learn about the higher characteristics of your sign so you can cultivate these tendencies and avoid the negative ones.

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