Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aura Reading, Hokum Or Science?

For millennia, spiritual and physical healers have practiced the fine art of reading the body's aura colors and activity for clues to imbalances such as over-activity and weakness that could be causal in observed illness and disease. The Chinese refer to shen and qi when speaking of the electromagnetic field around our bodies; the Hindi speak of chakras and auras; western science refers to HEFs and the endocrine system; and each culture utilizes the information to inspire different approaches to healing which range from very hands-off (think prayer, energy healing, and the like) to mildly hands-on and invasive (such as the use of herbs, medicines, touch therapy, acupressure, and acupuncture) to the very invasive, as in scalpels and surgery.

Traditionally, the aura colors are believed to indicate the types of energy flowing through a person's system or the manner in which those energies are flowing. The practitioner then utilizes this information as a guide to some aspects of health support actions and suggestions.

For a very long time, western science considered "auras" to be only mystic BS from uneducated, non-scientifically based spiritual ya-hoos. In fact many people today still think that way, poor luddites. Modern science has long ago tested and retested the matter and determined, thanks to the work of scientists like UCLA's Dr. Valerie Hunt, that auras actually do exist, only science calls them "human electro-magnetic fields."

Aura reading involves sensing the HEF of an individual, becoming aware of the different energy flows as aura colors. A long established system of significance based on the aura colors is utilized to guide the reader and client in understanding what is being seen or sensed. Until very recently, the client had to have blind faith in the practitioner's "vision," leaving them vulnerable to unethical people posing as real aura reading practitioners.

In the early 70's the first aura camera appeared on the scene, the "Kirlian photography" system, a flawed system to be sure, but one which was exciting enough to inspire greater research into the technology eventually leading to the modern era of biofeedback-based HEF measuring aura camera instruments. This new equipment has supplanted the random color assignment at the base of Kirlian photography, with actual HEF-correlated aura colors, giving a more realistic image of a person's "aura" or "HEF", and thus empowering client and aura reader alike with real, measurable, information about the current state of the client's energy field. That's right folks, aura reading really is a science.

By: David Tang

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