Saturday, October 18, 2008

Characteristics of the Zodiac Mercury in Sagittarius

Author: Victor Epand

The Sun is given the most credit when it comes to the zodiac. It is the information people give out when someone else asks "what's your sign?" But the other planets of the zodiac have importance that shouldn't be thrown away. Mercury influences how a person thinks and how that is portrayed to the outside world. Learning, communication and expression are all housed here. It also dictates whether a person moves through life with a strong sense of direction or a tendency to detour.

Those who have their Mercury in Sagittarius have versatile, independent and impulsive minds. They express themselves through direct- sometimes argumentative- means. They love to socialize and communicate because it gives them an opportunity to make their opinion known. And they will make sure that opinion is known. It can be hard for them to tolerate opinions that differ from their own. Compromise is not something this person will consider. If they are required to work in a team environment, it is best that they are given their own tasks to work on since anyone that is forced to cooperate with them will be steamrolled.

They are also likely to express their opinions bluntly. Those opinions are not often well developed or based on fact. Impatience drives this person to rush to judgment and their lack of editing makes this come out in words. It isn't that they want to hurt anyone's feelings. The thought really doesn't have time to occur to them before they speak. But they are interesting and charismatic with a naturally compelling oration capability. They might be prone to exaggeration but it is just their way of improving a story. This ability to instruct, inform and inspire through speech- combined with their love of learning- make teaching an excellent career path for these people. But they best serve areas where there's room for creativity. It is hard to have an opinion on math and science, after all.

Their power of concentration is weak and they have a tendency of flitting between subjects without collecting all of the details along the way. They are also forgetful so even though they tend to study a wide range of materials during their life, not much of it will stick. There really isn't any subject that they wouldn't enjoy studying but philosophy, languages, psychology, religion and foreign affairs will rank high on the list. It is likely that they will remain dedicated to education for their entire life.

If life is a path with winding roads, obstacles and a distant finish line those with their Mercury in Sagittarius would be walking along with a bullhorn. They might not be the first one around the obstacles, but everyone else on the path will be aware of their presence. If they are particularly charismatic, they might even have followers lagging behind them taking notes. They might not be revolutionary in getting around the obstacles but they'll make it around and learn something in the process- about the obstacle and everything else nearby.

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