Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Daily Chinese Horoscope Monkey

By Matthias Zeitler

Among all the signs in the Chinese zodiac, monkey happens to be the most versatile. Monkeys love to be the cynosure of all eyes, hog the limelight, and impress others with their repository of knowledge. This testifies to the veracity of the statement that monkeys love to show off and are ostentatious.

A love for mischief is coupled with an insatiable intellectual curiosity. This latter makes them ideal candidates for becoming the creative heads behind ingenious projects.

Romantically fickle minded, insincere and flighty, a devouring curiosity, eagerness to try out new things, love for innovation, experimentation, stamina, endurance, determination, strength, intelligence, creativity, restlessness are the defining traits of a fire monkey.

Seriousness about relationships and work, genuine concern for others, caring ways, calm spirit, down to earth, jovial, reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, methodical, systematic and organized and practical - these are qualities that would describe an earth monkey best.

Water monkeys have what it takes to be skilled orators and attentive listeners. In social gatherings a false mask hides their true feelings and emotions and they abhor sharing or showing their private emotions in public.

At times metal monkeys demonstrate a cold and unbending front which distances their friends from them. They are confident of relying on their own judgment and instinct.

They are independent, ambitious, determined, assiduous hard workers plodding their way to success, cant work in teams, affectionate and loving and unlike the other monkeys trustworthy and loyal by nature.

Ethics, orthodox morality, honest means are what wood monkeys stand for. They are extremely morally upright and will never stoop to unethical or illegal methods.


It is better to stay away from a monkey if love and romance are in your thoughts. Unarguably, the most promiscuous of all animal signs in the Chinese zodiac, they make talented flirts, don't like to be tied down to one lover for long and are guided by the motto - variety is the spice of love life. Immensely sensuous and intense, they can become mischievous, manipulative and intelligent while wooing or chasing his latest love interest.


Sociability, liveliness, patience to listen to others, intelligence, creativity, versatility, humor, wit, honesty, reliability, independence, tolerance and ability to solve problems in a jiffy are some of the many strengths of a monkey character.


Most of his good qualities are undone by his shallow, over indulgent, careless, restless, conceited, egoistic, superficial, mischievous and self- centered core. His hedonism and lack of self control diminish his popularity. His love of revelry and merry making caused irreparable damage to his relationships and to his reputation.

He has no qualms about breaking hearts. He will check himself at times and abstain from hedonistic and epicurean obsessions, but that will not be for long. He will be back to his old self before long, but he will carry a bit of remorse in his heart.

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