Friday, October 31, 2008

The Doyarchu - Water Dog

By Robert Benjamin

The Doyarchu is known in a variety of names such as the dobhar-chu or the anchu. It is also referred to by many as the "water dog" or the "Irish crocodile." Based on the number of sightings, the Doyarchus inhabit Achill Island in the western coast of Ireland. However, some sightings of the Doyarchu have been reported in the Sraheens Lough Lake as well. Some theorists say that the beast might be a baby Loch ness Monster or an unknown species of seals.

Basically, the Doyarchu is described as a creature that lurks in the waters, appears to be as big as a crocodile, but has a body akin to a mixed breed of a dog and an otter. Witnesses of this creature often state that the beast is covered with fur that is as black as the night. They say that the fur is very tightly attached to its body that at times, its skin appears to be smooth and slimy with no fur at all. However, according to a number of testimonials, the Doyarchu that they saw had patches of white on them, and most noticeable was that large patch of white in the middle of its upper torso. Another Doyarchu was then observed to be white but it had black spots on the tips of its ear, along with a larger patch of black at the middle of its back.

According to the witnesses, the rear legs of the beast are bigger than its forequarters. However, unlike most dogs but very typical of an aquatic mammal, the paws of this beast are significantly big for its body. As for its head, it is sleek and it is akin to that of an otter. However, it has a surprisingly elongated neck with an equally long tail with
a tuft at the end.

Reports of the Doyarchu stated that the beasts are highly violent to humans and dogs. Often in pairs, the Doyarchu's usual attack technique is that one of them attacks the prey and drags in into the water while the other hides and appears only when his mate is in danger.

Doyarchu can be extremely aggressive and vicious especially if their mate gets killed or wounded. This monogamous bond has been proven by witnesses of the beast. According to one of the stories of the local people, a Doyarchu has been reported to go after the men who killed its partner for twenty miles, even if a pursuit on land was disadvantageous for it.

There is a website that describes the Doyarchu and numerous other creatures of Cryptozoology in detail, this website is called: Unknown Creatures and it may be found at this URL:

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