Friday, October 3, 2008

Escape the Matrix

By Dr. Bruce King

"The matrix can only hold onto you, as long as you hold onto the matrix." - Eric Pepin

As I have said before, everything is energy. You, me, the universe, all made of energy. That means that everything is the same thing. An easy way to think of this is to use the analogy that everything in the universe is made of water. We are water beings in a universe entirely made of water. We are all the same thing...water. So how would that affect your reality if you were made of water in a water universe? You would literally be able to move through water 'walls' or fly through water 'air' because you would be made of the same thing as the wall or the air. This is what is going on in this 'reality', except instead of water we are all made of energy.

If we are all made of energy then why do walls appear solid and our bodies too heavy to float in the air. This is because we are experiencing 'reality' with something that is also within this 'reality', our organic brain. When we begin to experience this 'reality' with our higher consciousness then we are able perceive and move in it in it's true form, energy.

The way to access your higher consciousness is with non-thought. You need to get your brain out of the way. Surrender what you think everything is and you will see past the illusion of this reality. Not easy, but possible with practice.

Some ways to practice non-thought:

1) Meditation - The specific meditation I recommend has been explained in other articles, but can also be found through links from my web site.

2) Sensory loading - This is simply taking in as much sensory data as you possibly can. It is pretty hard to think about anything else if you are truly focused on the thousands of bits of sensory data that enter your brain moment to moment.

3) Walking in a meditative state - Go outside and walk in a rhythmic pattern (not too fast) and let yourself get lost in the rhythm. Watch out for traffic and other hazards though.

4) Zoning out - stare at an object and just vegetate. (i.e., don't think of anything) just look at the object and rest your brain for a while.

5) Listening to the tones - If you can hear a high pitched ringing, focus on it and try to move it around.

6) Feeling the objects around you with your mind - Look at an object and imagine what it feels like to the touch, smells like, taste like, etc.

The list could go on, but this gives you the idea.

The sooner you start practicing the sooner you will be able to escape the matrix of this 'reality'.

To learn more about escaping the matrix go to and click on the links. Bruce King writes on metaphysical topics and teaches a workshop on how to bend reality.

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