Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ethics and Responsibility in Magic and Spirituality

By Nita Hickok

It is part of living on this plane where we have so many chances to advance ourselves spiritually. Adversity can be one of the hardest and most rewarding training experiences in our lives. Yet our actions and emotions make us vulnerable to negativity.

People who curse and hex others want to push other people into negative cycles. It pushes the victims life into circles. They just go around all of the good choices and are left with the bad or not quite so bad choices of their lives. Yet none of this would be able to happen if there was not a path of learning in the experience.

Many of the victims believe that the only way to answer anything negative being done to them is to psychically attack the other person. I have never seen this as the thing to do as everyone I know of who did psychically attack others had more misery and suffering piled upon them in their lives. Psychic attack methods are useless as they can be reversed and cause even more harm in the victims life.

I know that most victims think they have to do something and to a certain point they are correct. They have to take responsibility for what caused the situation and their reactions and actions. They have to find out what negativity the energies are hooked too and remove that access point. They have to release the situation and remove it and all the energies from their lives. They have to be capable of moving forward and not living in the past.

One of the most powerful ways to release the energies is to send them to God or what ever deity the person has belief in and worships. If you do not worship anyone then sending them to be fragmented and released in the Great Now is a good solution. Forgiveness and banishing are also methods to use. Forgiveness is a way to remove your link to all of the energies and karma that could be going on from a situation. Banishing is a way to remove things where they no longer exist in your life. Banishing energies and situations are very powerful and can have conditions set to them.

An example of this would be- I banish all depression from the way I have been treated by others from my past, present and future. I ask that all these energies be permanently removed from my life, my family, my vehicle, my finances, and any places I do not know of where it exists. It will vanish until the sun turns into a scoop of ice cream, a money tree grows in my back yard, my car turns into a space ship, and the human race ceases to exist. In the name of (deity) I so ask this to be permanent and forever.

It is just an example but gives everyone the idea on how to do this for themselves. You notice that all of these methods can not be reversed. They summon energies that will observe what is occurring. It calls the attention of everything to what is happening. It is important because in this way you have put a cause into effect. Everything in life that happens has a cause even if you do not understand it or know it. The energies of good and deity will remove negativity and set causes into effect for those who are involved in the problems.

Impossible conditions are always added to every banishing. The reason that you should do this no matter how silly it sounds is that nothing can fulfill the conditions. The banishing can not be undone or altered until the conditions are met. The conditions can never be met so any negative energy is instantly homeless.

The basic ethics of magic is the golden rule. Do onto others as you would have others do onto you. Your actions decide what is to be done onto you. Magicians can cause illusions and problems where you may feel that they won. You do not realize that you accepted the lessons that would have put you upon that lower path. Never accept any actions, decisions, or choices shown to you in dreams or put into your head that do not coincide with reality. You did not do those choices so do not accept responsibility for them. The choices closed because those people involved set their own causes into effect and will be going through their own problems.

I have had this happen in my own life. I had a person who was egotistical and petty slander me because people enjoyed me and my method of teaching. He was also jealous. He and I both shared a good friend or I thought of him as a good friend. The person who was egotistical and petty accused me of being powerless because I would not attack him or harm anyone. He attacked me to harm me or destroy me for over two years.

He contradicted himself saying I first passed all of his tests according to him. I then was powerless was the next. The next one was I was cursing him. Yet the whole time he never quit cursing me, slandering me, sending me vicious emails, and manipulating the situation. The person set a cause into effect and because I did nothing except protect myself, he finally realized it was all his own work that was cursing him.

I lost that good friend or so I thought he was a good friend. I had to look back and see that this person did not follow through with the things that he said he would do, had slandered me, and basically let me down. Why? It was because he enjoyed being important and having magical rank. He had the same failings in a lesser amount than the person who caused all of the problems. He was just passive aggressive and did not show it as much. People who have the same flaws stick together so look at your friends. Be sure if there is a pattern in your life that you do not repeat it. The lessons we repeat are always things in our own patterns we did not correct.

I had gone through a great deal of sorrow over him acting this way that I had to release. It was not my path because I had learned years ago that ego, jealousy, and manipulating others are wrong. I did not want it done to me and would not do it to others. I lost the friend because he did not listen nor did he feel that what the other person did was wrong. It showed the ethical flaws in him as he would have screamed and thrown a fit if anyone had treated him that way.

It was painful but it goes into the next subject. Responsibility for how we act. If you would raise a fit if someone treated you the way they are treating others do not approve of their behavior by ignoring the victims. You should remove yourself from the situation. If a person is having horrible things happen in their lives and someone else is causing it. You should know that the person who treats others badly will treat everyone that way sooner or later. Do you want to stay the friend of someone who abuses others. You have to be responsible for the choices that put the causes into effects, and to realize that the person is showing their true nature.

You have to be responsible for what you do even when you are being cursed and hexed. You can talk to others but only do it for a way to get help to think of a solution not just to complain. You can try to show them how much havoc and pain another is causing in your life but realize that they may not care. People who are of the same type flock together and that includes cruel people and all the patterns of bad behavior. Once you discover the bad behavior is there, be responsible and remove yourself from those teachings, energies, and people.

Others who do not find that behavior acceptable may leave later. It just takes some people longer to realize what they are doing and supporting. We can not be responsible for the way other people act. Yet we can be responsible for what people, organizations, and actions we do support. We can only be responsible for ourselves, how we act and the life causes we put into effect.

It does not mean being judgmental but in knowing what is right for you, and allowing the other people to be themselves. I have heard many people claim how evolved they are and then dispose of people by saying they are of no use. The person who does this will have enough challenges in life to deal with and experience.

Helping the victims, listening and being kind, showing compassion are the positive traits. Finding the key statement which described how you felt from an experience and using it to release the experience is healing. Realizing that you are empowered and able to remove yourself is one of the learning experiences in this existence. Listening to your higher self and having ethics will be a bonus in life.


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