Friday, October 31, 2008

Fascinating Celtic Tree Astrology

By Mike Yeager

Celtic Tree Astrology takes into account the cycle of the moon, and is built on understanding the cyclical lunar nature and dividing the year divided into 13 lunar months. Each of these 13 months are paired or associated with a certain tree that was felt to be important, even sacred to the Druids. To the Druids mankind and, therefore, the human family originally descended from the trees. It was felt that each of these 13 trees have specific qualities and attributes that some would describe as magical.

The Birch Tree..

24 December - 20 January. The Birch Tree represents renewal and rebirth. Birch signs are tolerant, tough, and resilient. You possess a cool-head and are find that you are a natural born ruler, often taking command when difficult situation calls.

The Rowan Tree..

21 January - 17 February. Rowans were planted near doors and gates to ward off evil and were thought to guard the gateway to the spirit world. You tend to be a bit idealistic with progressive thinking attributes plus a strong humanitarian and spiritual principle. Change is a part of your life and any hindrance sees you becoming impatient with convention or restriction.

The Ash Tree..

18 February - 17 March. Those born under the Celtic tree astrology sign of the Ash are free thinkers. Imaginative, intuitive, and naturally artistic, you see the world in water color purity. You may become moody and withdrawn at times, but that's only because your inner landscape is in constant motion full of change and surprise. Being in touch with your muse, and you are easily inspired by nature.

The Alder Tree..

18 March - 14 April. Alder trees are resistant to rot while in water and traditionally has been used to make bridges, boats and other water resistant articles. Historically, it was a crime to cut down this tree because of the spirit in the tree; which might become enraged and take out its vengeance on your house. Alder people are courageous, energetic, impetuous and determined to make their own way in the world because they are self-reliant and love to take risks.

The Willow Tree..

15 April - 12 May. If you are a Willow, you are ruled by the moon. You have a keen understanding of cycles, and you inherently know that every situation will have a season. The result is a realistic perspective and view of things leading to more understanding.

The Hawthorn Tree..

13 May - 9 June. Fairy spirits were believed to live in Hawthorn hedges because they were planted as a deterrent and protective shield around houses and churches. Hawthorn people are mercurial, innovative, creative and confident. Easily bored, they crave mental stimulation and challenge. They are eloquent and gifted performers, exhibiting a natural charm.

The Oak Tree..

10 June - 7 July - the Oak is the crusader and the spokesperson for the underdog. Nurturing, generous and helpful, they have a deep respect for history and ancestry, and many people with this sign become teachers. They can be serious minded but that does not preclude a gush of cheerfulness and optimism.

The Holly Tree..

8 July - 4 August. Because many things come to you so easily, you may have a tendency to rest on your laurels. Noble, and high-minded, those born during the Holly era easily take on positions of leadership and power. Holly people are practical, capable and steadfast

The Hazel Tree ...

5 August - 1 September. You like rules, although you are typically making them rather than playing by them. You are naturally gifted in academia, and excel in the classroom. You also have the ability to retain information. Hazel people are artistic.

The Vine Tree..

2 September - 29 September. Grapevines need tender loving attention to bear fruit. Vine people tend to have standards that are above others while at the same time showing a discriminating and strict code of personal standards. They can come across as detached but quietly, inside, are romantics who are vulnerable and caring.

The Ivy Tree..

30 September - 27 October . You have a giving nature, and are always there to lend a helping hand to others. You are soft spoken, but have a keen wit about you.

The Reed Tree..

28 October - 24 November. You love a good story, and can be easily drawn in by gossip, scandals, legend and lore. Reed people are complex, tenacious and fearless. Proud and independent, you dig deep inside to uncover the important and real meaning of things.

The Elder Tree..

25 November - 23 December. You are often misjudged as an outsider as you have a tendency to be withdrawn in spite of your extroverted nature sometimes appear to be a bit wild to the other signs of the zodiac. In younger years you may have lived life in the fast lane.

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