Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feng Shui And The Geography of Your Home

by Ascis Pecunia

The practice of feng shui is much more than just rearranging your home's furniture, and choosing the right color schemes. When it comes to your home's feng shui, one must pay great attention to the land features around the house. If the house is located in an inauspicious spot, no amount of good feng shui in the interior can remedy the misfortune that it attracts.

First of all, you must never buy a home that is located below road level. Having your home in such a location makes the household vulnerable to financial troubles. If you are already living in such a home, try to renovate your house in such a way that you will have at least one floor that is above or at road level. All the important sectors such as the bedrooms, living room and the study should be located on the higher floors. The lower floors (below road level), should be reserved for the kitchen, toilets, and storerooms.

It is always more auspicious to have the house above road level. If your house is located between two roads (one higher and the other one lower than the house), make sure that the height of your entire building of your home is higher than the top road. The entrance of the home should be located facing the road that is lower than the house.

If your home is built along the hillside, it is better to have your home at the mid-level, rather than at the peak. The energy flow on top of the hill is too strong. A house located at the mid levels enjoys a gradual flow of Chi through the house.

It is extremely auspicious if the land behind is higher than the land in front of the house. The higher ground behind the house provides good support for the entire household. Just make sure that there are no roads on the higher ground.

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