Friday, October 31, 2008

Feng Shui Techniques For Bedroom And Office Under The Same Roof

By Ranju Kumar

First organize the bedroom and the office with feng shui colors and techniques so that you can attain maximum comfort and victory. Feng shui colors and layouts should be made use particularly so that you can become a master in art of imagination, success and securing positive energy.

At this point I want to afford you some important polices to put into action the feng shui colors for the bedroom and office under the same top. Home based business has become the livelihood for many people at present.

So I would like to suggest some important tips to these people who are ready to create their own office at their house. Towards this change, you need to maximize the positive energy that flows in these areas, so keep reading!

Feng Shui Bedroom - The significant key is to have a pleasant-sounding atmosphere in your area, while building a feng shui bedroom. Feng shui colors bring back the sensual and thrilling thoughts in the bedroom. Bedroom can be used to take rest, engage in friendly communications, or to get a fine night's sleep. If you start using Feng shui in the right way here, it is a worthwhile. So in order to make more use of this proper energy in the bedroom, follow these steps:

1. You should use Feng Shui colors that are warm and soothing in the bedroom. The colors should be used when it comes to flooring, the walls, decorations, curtains, blankets, and any other items that are a part of this room. It is most appropriate to use colors that are natural tones of creams, whites, and browns. These will help in establishing an atmosphere of calmness.

2. After colors, then comes Lighting. With the intension of grabbing the positive energy in bedroom, lighting is also appropriate to all frames of mind. Lighting which is to be provided at home should have an option to dim and adjust according to our feelings. The best part of lighting is it can be tuned that suits your ambiance and moods. You have a choice to select colored lighting, bright light, or even soft lighting.

3. Subsequent to decorating your bedroom with proper colors and applicable lighting, you should focus on the air that flows. The air that comes inside the room should be pure and fresh. This is can be completed by opening the windows or simply buying and installing and air purification machine.

Feng Shui Office - Creativity and modernization are the two important steps when you are creating a Feng shui office in your home. Along with them, here are a few tips that will help you in building your office:

1. Always make sure that your office should not be in the bedroom you sleep. This is very important step. If your office is in your bedroom then negative energy will get accumulated inside the room and it affects efficiency and recreation.

2. You make sure that you should place the desk in such a location that when you sit before the desk, you should be facing the main door of the Feng Shui office. You should be very careful not to face the wall when you work. Assume you tend to sit facing a wall, and then you should make sure to decorate the walls with colors, pictures and designs that will permit you to become more thrilled and innovative.

3. One of the main factors while creating your feng shui office in your own area, it is extremely important to make sure that you should not make the room messy or disorder. This cluttered environment obstructs the proper flow of positive energy, and consequences are negative power.

Put on heels to practice the feng shui colors and methods in your bedroom and in your life simultaneously to attain prosperity, creativity, leisure and other types of positive energy. Get geared up to produce your own feng shui office also.

Ranju Kumar assistant to is a Feng Shui expert and the president of Wind & Water, Inc. from 30years. She wrote 8 volumes of Feng Shui e-books on "Interior Design and Feng Shui-Building blocks for a Beautiful life". Her website Feng Shui creates a desired environment.

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