Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fire Breathing Dragons Frequent Our Lives Even Though They Do Not Live

By Aydan Corkern

Many people love to have a dragon in their home because it looks neat. There are so many ways to do a dragon. You can draw it, get a tattoo of one with fire coming out of its mouth, or you can paint one on your walls or on your cars. But most people just buy one to set in their yards or in their homes. They are really cool to see and look at - that is, if you are a dragon fanatic like most of the people in our world.

You can draw it any way you want to. It can be green with horns on its tail, brown with fire coming out of its mouth, or you can have two of them fighting in the sky. You can also draw a sea dragon swimming through the water or one coming out of a cave ready to fight. There are so many dragons to do. There's a dragon called a River Lord, a weather maker, treasure keeper, and much more. A long time ago, they called them gods that helped them when they need it or they called them guardians. These dragons would have fire that they breathed out their mouths to kill or protect themselves for danger.

In Dragon Ball Z, when they needed to summon the dragon, they had to get the power ball to call it in. Then they got a wish to help them out in their time of need. They have so many movies about dragons out today. It is like they are bringing them back to life. I saw one on TV one day that they had found two dragons frozen in the mountains that had live there many years ago. They said that there was a mother and a daughter dragon that was attracted to the king's soldier.

They killed the daughter first and then they tried to kill the mother but they died in the process. The mother dragon killed them for killing her little one. She stayed there with her and froze to death. They still had their skin on them and they found the bones of the soldier and the king. That's what they think happened to them.

So if you want to find out what dragons were like, watch the discovery channel or read some books, and you will find out a lot of things about them and the way they lived and what they ate.

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