Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Online Dream Interpretation Tutorial - Example 5

By Shen Gerald

This is the fifth article in the series of free online dream interpretation tutorials. As stated in the previous tutorials, dreams can be useful for forecasting future events that may be happening to us soon. From my experience, the dream scenes can usually make us feel events that are about to unfold within the next few days or weeks.

The following example is a real dream experience. Let's call the dreamer Jack. For privacy purposes, Jack is not the actual name of the subject.

The Dream scene

Jack was walking along a path. The path is straight and has greenery on both sides. Along the way, 4 white foxes comes along. These foxes appear to be aggressive and are about to attack Jack.

At first, Jack was afraid. However, he suddenly realised that this is just a dream. At that instance, the attacking foxes disappeared into thin air.

Looking at the dream scene, we can identify some dream symbols from it.

Below are some dream symbols that were found within the dream scene.

Dream symbol Path: Path or track is associated with direction, journey and progress.

Dream symbol Fox. This symbol is associated with cunningness and victimization. It also represents victimization or rivalry from someone we know.

The following is a Dream Interpretation based on the analysis of the dream symbols as described above.

Jack may soon be feeling victimized. He may be feeling that someone that he knows is giving him this feeling.

However, since he realised that that was a dream (while in the dream), in his waking hours, he will come to realize that the feelings (of victimization) is just his own interpretation of the situation. With that understanding, he should be able to resolve this feeling, which is symbolized as the foxes disappearing.

We have come to the end of this free online dream interpretation tutorial. Hope that it has been useful. Thank you for reading.

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