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Getting Resources For Learning Magic Tricks

There are a lot of things that we can do with magic tricks. It is the single most exciting skill a magician can offer the audience. One basic thing is that magic tricks can be misleading, often use misdirection to let the audience see what they want them to see and then executing their trick in a blink of an eye. From the early days of magic, magic tricks has been some sort of a weapon. People often look at it as a mystical skill but to extent magic tricks are merely tricks up on a magician’s sleeves. Of course they’ll make you believe that the “magic” in deed is true but what we fail to see is that magic tricks in deed can make a lot of people be impress and often can be a great thing to some, but some might be too critical about them.

Learning Magic Tricks

There are a lot of resources that we can get if we want to learn more about magic tricks and by learning it we need to put an extended amount of time and we need to also put our dedication into it as well. Magic tricks is an interesting subject so learning it can really be rewarding, here are some resources that you can look at if you want to learn magic tricks:

Books – Well, they say it is the most effective resource for magic tricks, it is kind of old school but every magician have read a book or two, so when you hear the saying “every trick in the book” well that just says a lot about the books. Magicians always look for the books in the book store or library to learn a thing or two about magic. Books are still a valid resource for anything magic.

DVD/VCD video Tutorials – Well in our world now, there are a lot of things that comes into trends and now everything is well documented in videos. Whether its cooking tutorials, graphic designs, basketball drills, etc. everything is in VCDs and DVDs so with that being said, magic tricks can also be learned by buying this tutorials, although some might argue that most of these tutorials are just from the books, it is still great to see a visual of the tricks so that it can be learned fast.

Internet Websites – There are some quality websites that can be your friend with learning magic tricks, there are some streaming videos, article tips and others that can really be helpful to you. Learning magic tricks can be hard but as long as you’re learning the tricks from a website or you’ll get a walkthrough and you can interact with people through forums as well.

There are a lot of ways to learn magic, you just have to be patient with it when you are on the verge of learning because, for magic tricks, patience is still a virtue you should remember that.

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The Infotainer said...

The best way to learn magic well and fast is to find a mentor. Indeed, a mentor and a coach .. it's the best way to learn most things.

They cut down your research time, discover your wants, the type and style you'd be best for, filter and select suitable material and assist you develop the necessary skills to perform as well as be creative and make the presentations your own.

I am a magic coach / mentor (there's a surprise) which is how I am able to verify this as a brilliant path. Certainly, IF you have a good magic club near you, then this is invaluable ... but many do not. Although I use to primarily coach people one on one .. to learn magic for personal enjoyment or to become a magician or to use a part of their presentation skills as a speaker, a trainer or presenter ....I now do this online the world over.

Having the ability to exchange emails, talk on the telephone, see live performances via video and minicam links .... everybody with a computer can get expert training.

Yes, there are many many websites with magic for sale. Some is good, a little is excellent ... but the majority is a total waste of money and the fast way to go broke and become dis-illusioned!

So, my advice .... get a coach and a mentor. One of each or someone who does both.

John Gordon
Coach & Mentor