Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Hell

Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

We're approaching October 31, 2008 with a world gone amuck, struggling to stay out of a total economic meltdown, wresting with global chaos on many fronts, and leaving those that are looking ahead wondering what October 31, 2012 might look like. To get a possible answer, one needs to look back to October, 2003 when there was what scientists call a HALLOWEEN HELL!

On January 4, 2008, a reversed-polarity sunspot appeared-and this signals the start of Solar Cycle 24," says David Hathaway of the Marshall Space Flight Center. The sun cycle is an eleven year one. Solar activity waxes and wanes in 11-year cycles. Lately, we've been experiencing the low ebb, "very few flares, sunspots, or activity of any kind," says Hathaway. "Solar minimum is upon us." But guess what we'll be entering in 2012?


However, something really weird happened in 2005: something very strange! Tony Phillips called it "Solar Minimum explodes. September of 2005 was the most tumultuous month for the sun since 1991 (and that was a maximum cycle year and expected to be turbulent). The year 2005 was expected to be a minimum phase. From October 26 to November 4th, 2003, legendary solar upheavals showed up. As an example, during this time, two (not one) Jupiter-sized sunspots appeared at the same time on the face of the sun. Time and time again these sunspots explode with X-class flares.

In fact the largest ever solar flare recorded in history came on November 4th ('03) at an X-45 haymaker.

The good news is that the coronal mass ejection was pointed at earth. Had it though, there is no telling what damage could have happened to a plethora of things, not to mention human life. as an example an X-19 in 1989 took out the Hydro-Quebec power grid.

Bottom line? The most recent quiet phase was 35% stronger than average. If the active phase is anything like that, 2012 could have ramnifications way beyond anything we can plan for; however, an enhanced consciousness just might find some answers. You have another idea? :-)

As a spiritual-futurist, I interpret current events in light of possible macro-universal forces at play leading up to 2012, but not limited to it.

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