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Hindu God Lord Shiva, Photo, Temples Information, Jyotirlinga and Snaps

By: Shiva Bhakti

Shiva is the great god of all the Hinduism. It is the worshipped of chief god by the Shaivaite faction of India. During Hinduism, the Lord Shiva was regard as the symbol of highest creatures. And also it’s called the third part in the Hindu Trinity, and there are further two Being Lord Brahma – the designer and the Lord Vishnu – the guard. Lord Shiva was critical structure of the huge. It is just like a rotation of the damage and play is going as it is. Lord Shiva’s major duty is to take care of this living rotation. About the Scholar it has been said Mahakaal, Lord Shiva has the power to destroy the whole thing as the emptiness but the Shankara, he was reproduced which can be cracked or it can be digits. Lord Shiva’s icon was the Lingam and Phallus was always present with his power.

Lord Shiva was the great god it is measured that it will distinctive from the god which are present with him. There was a huge abstinent, Lord Shiva is the one of the god who is everlastingly going to the profound reflection thoroughly considerate to his house. Kailaasa is the one of the most famous mountain. Lord Shiva is also called the indivisible from the power – Parvati which is the daughter of the Himayaan – Haimavati. It is said that with out power there is no Shiva and no Shiva with out power. This is the total position of the person.

Lord Shiva has its so many images, some are originator, killer and preserve in entire domination of the space. He was contain together first class and also a vice. He was unstable, very simple to satisfied, guard of behind compacted and have the command to modify the law of fortune. So Lord Shiva is called the forgiveness and thoughtfulness of god. Shiva also take care of his devotee starting the vice which is there just about us. He was bless and his group which was his loveliness, and knowledge and silence.

Shiva as Ardhanareeswara It is true that Lord Shiva was known as the half man and half women. The body of Lord Shiva has been built ideology and combined. Shiva Linga - it is the icon of the Lord Shiva which are considered to be the Lingam and yoni (which is the female organ) and symbolized the entirely of the environment of all format life.

Appearance and Attributes of Lord Shiva Lord Shiva was also shown in meditate or either the shape of dance god Nataraj which is produced by the hammer and beat with his construction. It is also seen in so many hands. As one couple of hands, as for eg it is showing the sense of balance which is connecting being and loss. Lord Shiva has three eye and her neck which is called ‘neela Kantha’ which is seen as blue color ( there is having toxin to set a side of the world on of after the devastation) and there was so many attribute related the god Lord Shiva now is the time to see the chief icons which is shown below:

Unclad body covered with ashes: In this shape Lord Shiva was in the attendance in so senior than his mental event. Through some expect, Shiva’s body was covered with full of ash which is said to be attitude of being and loss and the reality is loss was the eventual for the living .

Jata (Matted Hair): It is the name of the Lord Shiva’s hair which is said as storm or Yayu, which is slight shape of inhalation which is their in every one of them. Just for this important thing we can say that it is for every breathing creatures. He is Pashupatinath

Sacred Ganga: It is the famous river it’s also said to be a holly river. As we know that ganga is flow from the entangled hair of Shiva. According his legend the Lord Shiva had acceptable the huge river navigator the earth and carry purify water for person. Ganga also denote richness – it is original aspect of the Rudra.

The Third Eye: Lord Shiva has three eye so it is also name as Tryambaka Deva. It is said that in right eye there is sun, in left eye there is a moon and in third eye which is their in her for head is for knowledge. The third eye can make out clear of every thing. This eye can find out the vice from anyplace and was breakout it totally.

Half-Open Eyes: This eye can make out the universe rotation method. While the eye was fully blocked then it is the signify the dissolvent of the world and after when it is open there is a fresh rotation was formatting started.

Crescent: Shiva always bears on the head semi-circular of Panchami moon. It is the place which is near the burning of third eye and it is show the control at soma, there is donating the agent of the moon. Thus we can say that the Lord Shiva was producing the control after the reproducing. The moon also play a roll too calculate the time this way the semi-circle was stand for manage more time.

The Cobra Necklace: It is the icon of danger, Lord Shiva always have a big snake in her neck. It is said that Lord Shiva had drink a toxic to help the living beings which are their on earth And to have by himself we wear the fatal cobra represent the "death". The snake which is their in her neck is giving the resting energy which is known as Kundalini the Serpent power. The cobra was bent three time round her neck which is said that the history, at hand and outlook. We always seen that the cobra will see in the right side direction of Lord Shiva.

The Vibhuti it is the nice ashes of us we can see the three lines are drown on forehead which is the signify the nature of the soul and manifest splendor of the lord.

Tiger Skin: Lord Shiva was wearing a skin of tiger. It is said that the tiger is a vehicle of shakti, there was the deity of control and strength Shiva is the strength and had the power to fight against the right. The skin of tiger which is the icons of success. The tiger was also called the hunger of power by this way we can say that it is the strong emotion of nature it also called the Shakti. So it may the power to fill us when it sit on the tiger skin.

The Elephant & Deer Skin: Shiva was also wearing a elephant skin. It is said that the elephant was known for it symbol of self-importance. By wearing this skin Shiva was thinking it is the subject of the pride. It is also said that by warning this elephant skin you may have the power to control your mind entirely.

Rudraksha Necklace: It is the other great name which is said to be the name of Shiva. The other name was the Rudraksha, Lord Shiva was wear this type of collar which is the vast of the law and the creation of the world. The band which Lord Shiva was wear has 108 bead. It is the icon of the basic formation of the earth.

Damaru (Drum): It is a tiny instrument which is producing the sound. When Lord Shiva was dance it was produce the sound. It is called the name of damaru. It is the sound of throught . which can bee hear through our heart.

Trishul (Trident): This is very important icon of Lord Shiva it seen as three-join triden. It’s the basic of strong emotion and facts. It has the power to reward the vice which are doing the wrong thing. On the earth there is religious, delicate, and materials

Nandi, the Bull: Nandi, is the vehicle of the Shiva. As we know Bull is the icon of the strong and unawareness. Lord Shiva was always use bull with him because it is the passion of his power and also the knowledge group.

I am a devotee of Lord Shiva. I am collecting information and posting on my blog. Visit me at Lord Shiva, Temples, Photo and other blog Hindu God Photo

I am a devotee of Lord Shiva. I am collecting information and posting on my blog. Visit me at Lord Shiva, Temples, Photo and other blog Hindu God Photo

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