Monday, October 6, 2008

Hinduism- Thinking Of Cosmos

Hinduism thought considers everything as God. According to Hinduism the world is created in God and by God. There is nothing that is not God according to this. Everything in this cosmos- good and bad both are made of God element. God is supreme and the only reality. He has no gender. He is beyond life and death. He exists from infinity and will continue to exist till eternity. The world that we see as changing with time is his play. He creates the world for his joy and destroys it after his game finishes. This cycle goes on.

When we think of cosmos, we normally do not think in numbers. Rather most of us think of some stars in the sky, the moon, the sun, the Milky Way. But these are nothing in the cosmos. If you look at the sky and think of the star that is farthest from you, you will never get the answer. The farthest star may be so far that its light may still have to reach the earth. Moreover the cosmos is expanding since it is said to be born. Hinduism does not subscribe to Big bang but says that God created the whole universe.

That is why Hinduism talks of God as somebody unimaginable by humans. Who can imagine the size of God's body that is supposed to be many more times than that of cosmos? Who can answer the question about how God created the universe? From where did all this mass and energy appear? Hinduism answers all these questions in the Text- Srimad Bhagavatam. It is described in detail about how all the animals, trees, planets, stars, were created. How death was created. How diseases were created. And at the end Hinduism answers the question about what is the objective of our life and how to get that. Cosmos teaches us that God is so unimaginably powerful that it is impossible but to wonder at him.

By: CD Mohatta

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