Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hinduism- Who Am I?

Let me begin this discussion about myself to explain my thoughts better. How and why the Hinduism came to a conclusion that we are all gods is beyond my ability to explain. Only someone who has achieved that state can do that. I am not one of them at all. So let me confine to basics about me, myself, mine and I.

I am alive right now. So I say that this is my hand, this is my stomach, these are my eyes and so on. When I die my body will remain in this world, which is called the world of death in Hinduism. My soul will travel to another place that will be determined by God depending on my karma. I keep thinking about this question of my existence after my death. Where am I after I die? Can I call my soul as I or my body as I? My body will be disposed of quickly as soon as I die. And about my soul I know nothing. So I cannot say that I will be known as my soul.

If I look at my body and say that this is my leg, do I disappear if my leg gets cut? No, I still say that I exist but that I have lost my leg. I can think like this about all my body parts and still remain till I am alive. Moment my heart stops beating I am no more there. The whole I is gone, only God knows where.

Hinduism looks at these issues in depth. The great Siddhas have found answers to all the questions by achieving godhood. Guru can only help us remove all this ignorance and answer all our questions. A Sadguru who is God himself can do that, not anybody who may call himself Guru.

By: CD Mohatta

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