Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to Be More Psychic

By Dr. Bruce King

Ever wish you could tell what people's true intentions were? Or, how about predicting the future? If you were psychic then you could do these things and more. It's not as hard as you think.

I have been pursuing psychic abilities for a little over two years now and I have to say, I have noticed a significant improvement with just a couple of things. One of those things was just simply practicing being psychic.

How do you practice being psychic? When you are out in public look at a person you don't know and begin to make guesses about them. Write down your guesses, and then, if you have the guts, go over to them and ask them if they can verify your guesses. Chances are you will get more guesses right than you would have suspected.

Don't try to do this with people you know, because the brain will start filling in details with its memory of that person. It is much better to find a complete stranger, that is somewhat approachable, to do this with.

What questions should you ask them? The skies the limit, but I recommend not getting too personal or private. Some good questions might be:

1) Where do they live, a house or an apartment?
2) How many brothers and sisters do they have, if any?
3) What kind of car do they drive?
4) Do they even have a car?
5) What kind of job do they have?
6) Are they full time students?

Anyway, these are just examples of some of the many questions that you can make 'guesses' on. What you will discover is that you already have some psychic ability. So go out and practice and you will get better.

Another thing that I found helped me get more psychic was taking a magnetic pill. That's right, a magnetic pill with magnetite in it. Now, there is more than just magnetite in this pill, but that is the main ingredient.

How does taking a magnetic pill improve psychic ability? Let's look at what the research says:

"Magnetosomes, or tiny nano-magnets, are also found in the body naturally through a process called biomineralization. Our body naturally creates cells of magnetite. Each cell contains a chain of 15 to 30 of these little nano-magnets magnetosomes. We know through science that these magnetosomes are formed from a type of iron in our body, magnetite.(1) It is fair to say that by introducing additional iron into the body in the form of magnetite that we will increase the sum total of magnetosomes growing in the body and therefore achieve a much larger amount of bio-magnetism as a whole.(2)" 1.(Biophysical Journal, Aug 1, 2006 by Smith, M J, Sheehan, P E, Perry, L L, O'Connor, K, Et al) 2. (BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES / MICROBIOLOGY Sarah Staniland, Bruce Ward, Andrew Harrison, Gerrit van der Laan, and Neil Telling)

So, we know through research that biomagnetism is increased by taking a magnetic pill. How does biomagnetism increase psychic ability? The research of Dr. John Zimmerman, who measured emissions from the hands of experienced therapeutic touch practitioners, meditators, qigong and yoga practitioners found large, frequency-pulsing biomagnetic fields, 1000 times greater than the strongest known human biomagnetic field.

So, there is the research. Taking a magnetic pill increases biomagnetism and biomagnetic fields have been shown to increase significantly during psychic healing and other spiritual practices. I have personally found that taking a magnetic pill enhances my psychic ability.

If you want to read more about the psychic pill click on the link below that goes to a Squidoo group page all about the Magnetic Pill.

To learn more go to and click on the links. Bruce King writes on metaphysical topics and teaches a workshop on how to bend reality.

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