Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to Master Astral Projection - Help to Project the Astral Body

By J Seymour

Do you sometimes feel that you are constrained by human ideas about limitations and wish you could find the astral project help needed to take you away from it all -at least for a little while? The truth is that the power of your mind is only limited by your preconceived limitations. When you learn to change how you view your limitations you will find that your limitations change and you are able to do things you only dreamed were possible before.

What is Astral Projection?

Sometimes referred to as an out of body experience, astral projection is the act of your consciousness leaving your body and existing on a separate plain. While conventional science is critical of the possibility of astral projection (according to current laws of physics) about 14% of the population claims to have had an out of body experience - occasionally in moments of crisis. It has also been rather widely reported during deep meditation.

The Ultimate Journey Through Time and Space

Imagine the journey of a thousand lifetimes, in a matter of minutes, without ever leaving your seat. Can you think of a more fascinating experience? So many would dismiss this as folly without ever taking the necessary steps to try and make it happen. Did you know that meditation has been used for centuries to do just that? Can you even begin to guess the lessons you will learn by visiting other lifetimes? If you want to take your own amazing journey it is never too late to get astral projection help and learn how to use self hypnosis to make it work for you.

Who Benefits from Astral Projection?

The long and short answer to this question is: anyone who uses it. There are so many things that we can learn from the past and from exploring the world around us -the present from a different perspective. Change your fate by viewing the world from a different angle. The possibilities presented by astral projection are virtually limitless.

Getting Astral Projection Help Despite Criticism

There is plenty of criticism in the scientific community concerning astral projection. That doesn't change the fact that people in all corners of the earth have claimed to experience varying degrees of astral projection. The stories, shared by strangers, are similar enough and credible enough that we are beginning to accept the possibility as a society a little more willingly than in times past.

Seeing is Believing

The best way to go about your quest for truth and astral projection help is to get the help you seek. Self hypnosis is one of the most commonly recommended forms of astral projection help for beginners. Those who have long experience with meditation may prefer a few more advanced techniques but hypnosis is definitely a great place to begin.

Are You Ready for Your Journey to Begin?

Taking a walk outside of the body can be a frightening and exciting thing. When the time comes and you have received the astral projection help necessary to begin your journey be sure to devote some of your energy into positive thoughts and mental clarity: this is one journey you will want to remember.

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