Monday, October 13, 2008

How to Scare Someone on Halloween

During Halloween, you can absolutely freak out and have shrieking fun, by giving over to your naughty side. Halloween has its origin in earliest Celtic Samhain, a New Year festival.

They used to dress up in scary Halloween costumes, extinguish every light in their houses, created bonfires and tendered sacrifices to ward off rising dead who were supposed to seize earthly souls. Over time, creepy aspects of Halloween milieu altered to playful tenor like trick-or-treating practice.

Since border line amid world of living and dead thins down on Halloween, you can dapper up with freaky, Scary Halloween Costumes of goblins, ghouls, ghosts, werewolves, monsters and witches and play pranks. There are many ways to do it like:

Dressing in black sweatpants/leggings, plain sweatshirts in black/navy blue and black noiseless shoes. Put on werewolf/wolf mask and on teeth some paint that glow-in-dark. Hide behind bushes and scare friends by making noises and shine a flashlight on your luminous teeth, jump out at them on all fours snarling and revealing your teeth and dart away out-of-reach.

Sticking some phony fingernails to fingers of a couple of left gloves and ring-pinky area and tape those to make claw shape with thin strips of paper mache. Put one on and twist fingers to create a fist. Cut in middle of a Freddy mask and Jason mask and stitch left half of one to the right half of other mask. Instead of your candy box, a black box with a panel removed from its side for someone to hide inside is placed. On the right foot of a scarecrow sitting atop the box cut a hole.

Its hand must be on the candy bowl placed over its lap and a string is bound from its wrist to upper arm within its sleeve. String is taken out to rear of the box for person within it to tug to shift scarecrow’s arm. That person shoots out right arm and grabs the legs of nearby people. After a while he/she takes out scythe and float around to terrorize others. Second person wears other two gloves and costume and place left claw on somebody and scare people from behind the bushes.

Reproduce and wear FRANK’S costume (Donnie Darko) and stand behind someone’s window to frighten them and then run off.

Put on a menacing mask and leave a candy bowl at somebody’s doorstep, ring the bell and jump out with a bloodcurdling scream.

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Charity said...

Nice post..! Well, scaring people on Halloween is one of the most fun things that we can do on this holiday.