Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Huge ufo hovers over Shanghai China stir crowds must see

This is what Oct 14 may look like. Interesting video. I didn't make this video or knew about its authenticity, at first. Check out the comments from many well informed people, which had already proven it to be an "April fools" parody video. This doctored video is something you'll only see on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It looks like a huge, probably a quarter mile long ufo that's just floating up there in a very populated city close to 19 million people you would probably think more of the same type of videos would've been posted. I think I'll continue to allow this video be posted on youtube unless this video may cause harm to someone. The video came from an unknown email sender, just like my other videos. So, I'm not sure how to find the video's origin.

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