Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kabbalah - Jewish Mysticism

By Marcia Henin

In Hebrew language, kabbalah means, to receive. It is a mystical aspect of Judaism. It shows a set of teachings meant to define the inner sense of both traditional Rabbinic Literature and the Hebrew Bible. Kabbalah also explains the importance of Jewish religious observances.

Kabbalah is a necessary part of the Torah followed by its followers. For observant Jews, the study of Torah is an inherent duty. The Torah teaches the doctrines that some Jews accept as the true meaning of Judaism while others reject them as adverse and heretical to Judaism.

Kabbalah Jewelry shows the mystical segment of Jewish studies that explain the relationship between the physical and the spiritual. It is a popular theme for large pieces of jewelry. Presently, jewelers market many amulets similar to Kabbalah Jewelry.

Kabbalah Jewelry varies in cost as well as design. They are made of silver, gold and even pewter. They include semi-precious and precious stones. These items are popular, as people believe that they bring good health, prosperity and happiness. Apart from Jews, many non-Jews entertainers, celebrities and movie stars also wear Kabbalah jewelry.

Kabbalah Amulets:

The designs for Kabbalah amulets differ and are simple. They include well-known Red String. It is nothing more than a braided ring with a small charm or an amulet such as a heart.

Many forms of jewelry derived from the symbols of Kabbalah offer protection against evils. They are termed evil eye. They include pendants, known as Hamesh or Hamsa in Hebrew, in which there is an open eye at the center. People say that the Eye of Almighty is always on lookout against evil forces, hence the name All Seeing Eyes. The five fingers of the pendant symbolize the five Torah Books, the most sacred books of laws for Judaism.

These charms also include well-known fish amulets, Hebrew letters and shapes of pomegranates.

Many Kabbalah inspired jewelry are available online. The prices vary from $20 to hundreds of dollars. It is not the price, but the artistic history attached to it that makes people love such mystical symbols of good luck and protection.

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