Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Life After Life

By Peter Dobrovic

It is said that only the truly faithful have the courage to question their faith. I hope that makes me a believer.

This is an account of a personal experience that occurred at an early age and I am writing about it primarily for those people who like me are in search of answers.

At the age of six I developed a severe bronchial illness, which caused serious breathing difficulties. I spent a great deal of time in bed and my doctor was at a loss in how to treat my condition. It was on a spring day of that year that I first encountered what we presently term as an out of body state. I felt myself drawn from my body and transported to a place that I would now describe as an informal tribunal. There were people seated before me and I was accompanied by what I can only describe as an older, more knowledgeable, version of myself. I can clearly remember the questions that were put to my other self and the argument that he presented in return. Our questioners asked whether it was wise to continue with my existence although they did not use that specific terminology. They suggested that it would be easier to start over and indicated the simplicity with which I could be entered into a new body. My other self felt strongly that there was much to learn from my present life and that it should not be so readily discarded. The tribunal gave him the benefit of the doubt but they were not convinced that his decision was for the best. I was returned to my body with a full recollection of the experience. Life went on until my condition worsened as I approached my seventh birthday at which time I was taken out of my body again.

The place that I now found myself in resembled an ancient high court and I stood in awe of the austere atmosphere. I was on my own on this occasion but, for my age, I understood what was at stake. My questioners wore formal robes and appeared to be eminent bodies with a serious but kind demeanour. They were seated on an elevated level and I remember feeling very small and nervous. The circumstances were ceremonial in comparison to the first instance and this appeared to be a point of reckoning. They offered me a final opportunity to accept that it would be expedient to relinquish this life in favour of a better one. I was left with no illusion that if I decided against then I would remain in my present form for better or worse. I was informed that my decision had to be made immediately as there was a time limit involved. After some thought I realised that I felt passionately about retaining my present life and consequently refused their offer. Following this decision I was once again returned to my body but this time I instinctively knew what had to be done to overcome my illness.

On my return I called for my mother and asked her to bring me a small family bible and an equally small icon. Both had been with the family for a many years. Although I had no religious leanings I knew that I had to place my complete faith in what these two articles represented. My belief needed to be absolute. I tucked them beneath my pillow and for the first time in a long while I slept peacefully. From that point on my health began to improve dramatically. I suffered three more attacks over the next few years but my strength grew at a pace and it was not long before my constitution became quite robust. Thankfully I remain that way to this day. I continue to experience out of body states periodically and the insight is, to say the least, enlightening.

To my daughter Gina, and in memory of my father Milan.

Professional Numerologist and Astrologer, Peter Dobrovic offers personal consultations and professionally written reports based on over twenty years experience of practising Numerology. Peter, uses the three systems of Numerology, I Ching and the Chinese Horoscope to provide readings for his hundreds of satisified clients across the UK. You can visit his site at

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