Saturday, October 18, 2008

Making The Most Of Your Numerological Life Path - Part 8

By Dennis Francis

The path for the bold and materialists.

Numerology tells you how your personal life path number 8 affects you.

First are your Character Traits

Practical, Stubborn, Good judge of character of others, Self-confident, Executive abilities, Very Dependable, Ambitious.

You have come to this life to deal with the notions of power, social recognition, material and financial achievement. The Life Path 8 does not say whether you will have or have not got power. It simply indicates that these notions will mark your life a lot, actively or reactively. You will be confronted by authority, financial gains, important material accomplishments, brilliant successes but probably also losses, bad failures and even accidents.

In short, all that have a certain caliber in good as in bad. It is, therefore, a powerful but unstable path. You will have quite a few things to master in your life. Back away if necessary, but don't give up! Welcome qualities: a lot of attention, a particular sense of balance, good judgment and vigor. It is often by this path that great successes happen (but also financial failures).

Your life is placed under this vibration, it is necessary for you to understand and make the most of it, to develop your fighting spirit and your mastery. Your personal balance and your capacity to stay centered (to occupy the field) without going to extremes, will be your major assets. Please note that you can use this potential power fully or choose not to.

In this case, you risk being regularly confronted by situations where you have to face attempt of reduction or dispossession of your power.

Learn to use the creative energy of this path to drive things forward, to take initiatives and succeed. Work with ambition, become an example of material success, learn to handle power, authority and money (as useful tool). You must find a balance quickly between the material and the spiritual so that the power or money does not blind you or make you disrespectful to the essential values of life. Always remember that you gather what you have sown.

Don't be miserly, rigid or narrow-minded. Be ready to take up challenges, to overcome obstacles and to pick yourself up after defeats. Above all don't give up ! Efficiency, organization, self-confidence, generosity and also fluidity and sense of rhythm are the qualities that you must develop. It is a risky path, that let's nothing pass, especially if you are too sure of yourself or you want to climb too quickly. It is for you to choose to which degree you will use this strong vibration.

Famous people with a Life Path 8 :

Carl Benz (Mercedes Benz), Ferdinand De Lesseps (channel of Suez), Winston Churchill, Jane Fonda, François Mitterrand.

The Lessons

The lesson to be learned is how to get and keep power and material gains while getting along with others in peace and dignity. This person will not be a dreamer and lost in a cloud of foggy thinking or be a visionary but instead has to learn to get along in the practical, material world to gain the satisfaction this lesson will bring when thoroughly learned.

To create a satisfying role in this life the number 8 must take an effective approach by utilizing all his/her skills and organizational capabilities. He/she will be concerned with only the best things in life in order to gain the satisfaction he/she seeks.

The Negative Forces Within

Achieving the power the Numerology life path eight represents will come from growth and development along the path of self improvement guarding against the negative feelings of limitations and dissatisfaction.

Feeling limited will mean he/she needs to achieve a higher level of self-confidence and could devote several years just raising that level in self.

On the negative numerology number 8's journey through life a misuse of power over others will result in resentment and hostility, possibly from those he/she needs the most.

Dennis Morales Francis is a consultant and coach for business professionals and wellness practitioners. Dennis is the author of "Double My Revenues In 12 Months or Less" and the upcoming book "Your Cash Attraction Factor". Go to to learn how to get your books published. For a free numerology book by Steven Harlan Smith, and free personal numerology reading, go to

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