Friday, October 31, 2008

November 2008 Horoscopes

By Tana Hoy

Aries -March 21 - April 20
With high energy surrounding you at the moment, this is a good time to consider consulting a psychic reader. You will probably find yourself surrounded by decisions or feeling confused as to where to go next. A reputable psychic reader will be invaluable to you right now.

Taurus - April 21 - May 21
An unexpected trip is going to present itself to you. Make sure to go on this travel, even though it may not be your first choice of places to go. Unexpected opportunities will open up for you. Make sure to be psychically open or you will miss out!

Gemini- May 22 - June 21
Can love at first sight really exist? This will be the question you are asking yourself very soon. Follow your instincts when it comes to love, and you will not be guided in the wrong direction. Second guessing yourself will lead to failure in love.

Cancer - June 22 - July 22
With all things considered, you should consider yourself highly blessed. Things haven't been easy in the past, but the tide is now turning in your favor. Make a visit to a trusted spiritual advisor. Learn to develop your psychic abilities now, because you will soon discover that you are very psychic! Theses abilities will serve you well later on.

Leo - July 23 -August 21
With holidays around the corner, prepare yourself ahead of time for the upcoming mental stress. This year, make sure to get things ready ahead of time, instead of waiting until the last minute. Procrastination will cause you unnecessary stress. Being prepared with make things go more smoothly.

Virgo - August 22 - September 23
Learning to meditate is a great way to find your inner self. This is the perfect time for soul searching and finding your true life's purpose. As you start to feel more empowered, you will find the obstacles in your life starting to be resolved. Focus on learning how to meditate.

Libra - September 24 - October 23
Don't be surprised this month, if you start noticing the energy patterns around others that you may have never noticed before. This is the month and year, where Libra's psychic energy will be at its highest peak. Tune in. listen and be aware!

Scorpio- October 24 - November 22
During the full moon this month, make your New Year's Resolutions early. The full moon's vibrations during the month of October will carry your desires forward into the New Year. Visualize and manifest. Remember, the power of visualization can move mountains in your life!

Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22
This is the time to make your true feelings known. If you have been secretly carrying a romantic torch for someone you know, now is the time to share your hidden feelings. You are going to find that the other person has also been secretly carrying a torch for you.

Capricorn - December 23 - January 20
Learn how to talk to your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels this month, because the presence you have been feeling around you is not your imagination. Your guides are trying to make a connection with you at the moment. It is up to you, whether or not you decide to listen.

Aquarius - January 21 - February 19
Water will always be a powerful source in your life. By learning how to access the miracle Power of Water, you can have a greater sense of control in your life. You are the water Bearer, so your connection with water should never be ignored

Pisces- February 20- March 20
Expect great changes in the work place this month. Pesky coworkers and irritating superiors will be moving on, never to return back again. You will be able to breathe now, finally being able to enjoy your job more fully, once again.

Psychic Medium Tana Hoy first became famous for predicting the Oklahoma City Bombing 90 minutes before it happened on the Sandra Walker and the Morning Show in North Carolina. But, he has helped thousands of people understand their current situations and plan for future luck and misfortune with his highly-developed sixth sense. He also teaches psychic development classes. For more information visit

Unlike many psychics who claim to have "found" their abilities after freak accidents - Tana Hoy was born with his abilities and has dedicated his life to developing them to help people. A truly compassionate person, Tana offers not only predictions but sound advice and guidance on how to cope with the changes that life presents, how to make good decisions and how to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Tana is especially gifted in identifying soul mates and in revealing hidden sources of stress and pain.

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