Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 2008 Into the Future

By Peter Dobrovic

With the arrival of September 2008, we began to fully experience Saturn's influence in our lives and Saturn can always be relied upon to shake everything up. One might call it the karmic planet as it resonates to 'cause and effect' and delivers the end result for both positive and negative actions. The number 8 in the year 2008 has strong financial association while a negative facet of the 2 is its grasping nature. With these two vibrations at work, serious concerns naturally arose due to events in the world of international finance and our confidence was severely dented by the resulting upheaval. The outcome is that our present is operating within an element of the unknown. It is very difficult to remain calm during a time like this but the leadership aspect of this year stipulates that a show of confidence and the will to succeed will help to carry everyone forward. The past must now be left where it belongs and only the present and future have any bearing on the situation. We need to ask ourselves what we want to happen from here on in and indeed whether our motives are honest and good for all concerned. Integrity has been sadly lacking in all walks of life largely due to greed, selfishness and insecurity overtaking more honourable values but reality is now setting in and the consequences of that greed have become self evident. Unfortunately the new millennium is prone to double standards thus circumstances have arisen where the normal person is expected to bail out those who have become wealthy off the back of the financial crash. In Britain the same investors who share responsibility for undermining the stability of major banks are allowed to sit in the Houses of Parliament with no criticism levelled at them. One might ask whether this is simply because they have made sizeable financial contributions to the main political parties.

The wheel of fortune is presently turning and giving us a chance to realise that negative thoughts and deeds ultimately bring destructive results but there is an opportunity to correct mistakes. The ruling number 2 of this millennium is teaching us the lesson that we cannot think solely of ourselves any more. Relationships on all levels matter now more than ever before therefore mutual support and co-operation is paramount as the world has truly becoming a global village where instant karma functions.

October will be a tense and challenging month giving rise to a need for quick decisions, diplomacy and a willingness to co-operate but in the end we will discover that the universe is a naturally friendly place. Patience and the ability to wait for events to unfold will be required and any acts of aggression or attempts to force issues will meet with resistance. Key people who have more than a little wisdom will come to their senses and realise what needs to be done and that generosity extended to those in need will ultimately keep the wheel turning. The period requires a spirit of giving so it is a poor time to display selfishness. We should instead not only give of our material wealth but also our compassion and time. We have arrived at this place due to an absence of regulation, restrictions and discipline in virtually everything we have done over the last few years. It is for this reason that even our legal systems have experienced difficulty in operating on a day to day basis and crime has been spiralling out of control. Measures now need to be put into place so that restrain is restored in all aspects of our lives. There is only so much that any of us need or want, the rest is clutter. A spiritual force is now entering the picture and it will serve to enhance our future outlook as well as to improve our relationships and help reinstate a balance in the world. There will inevitably be changes in the law to help prevent further incidents in the worlds stock markets. Hopefully these new laws will not be too strict as this will only stifle growth but we still have a long road to travel and 2009 will be a key year for a positive change of attitude.

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