Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Owl As Your Spiritual Guide

By Peter BoxallThe owl can see it's way through the darkest night, so in your darkest of moments and times, the 'Spirit of the Owl' can help you see through your darkness, guiding your path, and helping you see beyond the darkness, to a new dawn and a new beginning.

If you have lost your way in the darkness, the 'Spirit of the Owl' can seek you out, and guide you back to the correct path. Many Healers, Mediums and Shamans invoke the 'Spirit of the Owl' to help a person to extract their hidden secrets, and peer into the darkness to see what else is hidden, and in the retrieval of souls. Owls can see clearly through the darkness the cause of any imbalance of body or mind, and use their wisdom to find the course of action to cure the imbalance, and restore a healthy balance to mind and body.

Owls are great hunters and help to maintain the balance in 'Mother Nature's Animals', by keeping any imbalance in overpopulation of what some people call vermin, as they can cause disease, under control. The 'Spirit of the Owl' can in the same way seek out and destroy imbalance of your cells, virus's and bacteria, and by keeping this balance, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and help to ward off sickness and disease.

Owls have long been associated with both Death and Wisdom. In 'Greek Mythology' the owl was sacred to Pallos, Athene the 'Goddess of Wisdom', the owl sat on her shoulder and lit her blind side. The owl was also associated with 'Arts and Skills.' and can help you to become wiser and more creative, imaginative and able to learn new skills. In the beliefs of the 'Native American Tribes' the owl was seen as the 'Carrier of the Elder's Spirits.' In the 'Japanese Culture' owls were seen as 'Divine Messengers of the Gods.' In 'Indian Culture' owls were considered as 'A Companion of the Gods,' and in the 'Malay Language' the word for owl means 'Ghost Bird.'

The owl plays an important role in the 'Natural Cycle of Birth and Rebirth,' an important belief carried forward from the 'Earliest Mists of Time,' helping and guiding 'Earth Bound Souls' to their loved ones, and enhancing clairvoyance. Owls can remove negative forces, and assist you to find a new life, by releasing the ties that hold you back to the old life. The owl can bring back the 'Natural Balance' within your home and life, and can help you clear out the dead things in your life and restore your ability to move more freely through the different stages of our life cycle on this earth, the removal of stagnation, to release joy and happiness back into our lives, the removal of the build up of too many possessions, and the modern day pressure of too many things to do in our lives, and too much of 'anything' and 'everything.'

The 'Spirit of the Owl' also guides us back to our 'True Path', removing all the false barriers in which we become enmeshed in our 'Modern Everyday Existence.' The 'Bombarding' of all the 'Should Have' and 'Must Haves' In our everyday life, coming not from our 'Inner Needs', but from the opinions and beliefs of society and those around us. Too much time spent 'Listening To' or 'Viewing' what we are told 'We Should Have', through all the advertisements, programmes and articles that surround us in our everyday existence. We are so busy looking and listening to all these wonderful new aids that will make our lives so much better, and make us feel so much better, that we ignore 'What We Really Want', we find ourselves spiralling down into darkness, still in pursuit of the ever elusive happiness for which we crave, deeper and deeper and further and further away from the 'True Nourishment' we all need in this life. At this point in time we need the 'Spirit of the Owl' to help us stop and take a good concentrated look at our lives, as only the owl can do, and 'Ask Ourselves' 'what of all our many possessions would we have left to 'Satisfy Our Spiritual Requirements.' With the help of the owls wisdom and guidance we are able to begin to clear away all the unwanted items, to make way for the 'Birth of the New Self', and as our new 'Spiritual Energy' grows, so the shackles, limitations, fears and anxieties slowly die away, we emerge with a new energy and a keen eye to what the future holds for us. In the same way when we move house, change your employment, form a new relationship, give birth, adopt a new animal friend, we must let die some or all of the old, to make way for the new. The 'Spirit of the Owl will stay with us and help us through this often painful process, it may be made worse if we try and hold on to the old, using it as a crutch to support us, as the new unknown can be seen to be a forbidding place, how will we cope? We ask ourselves, who will be there to support us if we stumble or even worse if we should fall? The 'Spirit of the Owl' will be there alongside us, guiding our path, using the owl's long vision to look beyond, into the future, and towards the 'New Dawn.'

All life is interconnected, we are just a small part of the 'Natural Life of our Wonderful Planet', and like all animals, trees, and all other forms of life, we are part of the cycle of life and death, but this is only 'Our Earthly Form' our spirit will prevail, and be guided by the 'Spirit of the Owl' in whose 'Spirit' we 'Trust' in this life and in the afterlife.

Owls are one of the few birds that can move their head 135 degrees, and some can turn their heads even further, so that they can look back at the 'Deaths' in our journey to this 'New Dawn' guided by the owl. With each 'Death' and 'Rebirth' we should both remember and rejoice in the way each 'Cycle' has helped us become the person we are today.

Owls have inhabited our planet for the last 58 to 60 million years, and from this has come their wisdom and understanding, and their learning to adapt and survive, often in the face of adversity, as they have to stand their ground, sharing their territory with much larger Raptors like Eagles and Hawks, in this way the 'Spirit of the Owl will pass on to you the courage to 'Stand Ones Ground' and learn to both adapt to our circumstances, and be wise in our decisions, and like the owls learn to have foresight and knowledge to use the gift wisely. Using the knowledge of the owl one can become knowledgeable in the magical, and also have great insight into the Magical and the Ritual, Merlin was a great Magician through having an owl at his side.

So that the 'Spirit of the Owl' is with you at all times one should have a totem or talisman of your owl, it may be a little item such as an owl key ring or something similar that you can take with you at all times. You may also need to have a statue or totem in your house to ward off 'Negative Forces.'

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