Friday, October 10, 2008

Personality of the Dragon

By Monica Potter

In the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, only the Dragon is not real. In chinese culture, the Dragon is a symbol which represents emperors.They can fly in the air and dive in the water. Since ancient times, Chinese people put dragon, phoenix, unicorn, tortoise known as the "four of Hope", that is the most auspicious animals.Dragons have long face like horses, with 81 squamae on the back which symbolize "hope".

People born in the year of the Dragon are elusive, magnetic, aggressive, determined and full of ambition.They are gifted to be leaders and masters of ceremonies, also romantic and adventurous. Dragon people seem very lazy, however, when they get started to do something, they are more positive and ambitious than other people.There are many famous dragons, like Marilyn Monroe and Nietzsche.

Dragon people are dreamers, but their energy runs in fits and starts, once suffered a setback, the passion subsidises immediately. This extrame character makes the Dragon not fit for long-term office job, people born in the year of Dragon should try jobs that have more freedom.

Dragons are magnetic personalities, even if you can not put up with them, a dragon will makes you to focus attention on them. Dragons are idealists, everything must be perfect, they are very strict to themselves and others, with bad temper, they often gives the impression of a tyrant.

Chinese like the Dragon, if you them your Chinese zodia sign is the Dragon, they would like you too.


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