Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Power Of Numbers Series Part 7

By Dennis Francis

Numerology has shaped my spiritual philosophy in many ways but most of all, it has illustrated in so many instances of my life that we live in a learning environment. Many of those lessons are harsh; even brutal.

The cyclical nature of numerology corresponds with the cyclical nature of life itself. We find cycles in rhythm and in mathematics. We often overlook the consequences of our actions from years gone by. Important events can be traced back through their trend lines and can be connected to what seem like casual choices. Anyone who has ever had an auto accident will tell you that a few simple choices can lead to important life changing events.

The number seven is the number of learning.

Life seems to take you through a process of learning, using all of your senses. You are made aware that life is more than meets the eye. As a child, you may have secret places where no-one goes. You have learned to keep your own secrets hidden by talking around them.

You are forced to analyze life outside the normal viewpoint. Having an outstanding and unusual character, you have your own place in the world. You live your life in your own way and seem to stand apart even in a crowd. You may seem distant or secretive, separate from the group or lonely by those who don't know you well. You may join in the social activities of others but that is not where your real interest lay.

You have the power of analysis, and are a natural skeptic and demand facts and explanations. You work best alone and need time to rest and reflect on the job at hand.

You must master your emotions to gain success.

Take your problems into the quiet place within you to solve them.

Your best day of the week is Monday, also the dates 7th., 16th., 25th. of any month have strong potential for you.


Specialty, Knowledge, Occult, Spirituality.

Accountant, analyst, astrologer, actor, artist, expert in specific field, healer, historian, librarian, minister, navigator, occultist, photographer, poet, psychiatrist, researcher, sailor, secret agent, scientist, technician, underwater explorer, writer.


Love starts about three feet above your head. It reaches the heart after going through a thousand questions. You love affectionate gestures and may have difficulty expressing love in public. You may also suffer from obligation in love because of your own brand of ethics. Deep inside, we both know that you're not a field player. "You just want to settle down with someone who makes your body and soul feel good. Look for more promising relationships with those born in February, May, July, and August, or those with a 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 day of birth Take care with those born in January, April, and November.

Those born on Tuesdays, Saturdays and under the numbers 8, 9, 17, 18, 26 and 27.

Those born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th, on in March and July, should not make gambling a preoccupation. Analytical games of chance in which your intellect is put to the test is more likely to bring you greater income. If you must gamble, use your intuition and pick the favorites as opposed to the long shots.

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