Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Power Of Numbers Series Part 8

By Dennis Francis

The desire for money and power seem to be a preoccupation of much of society these days. As more people are influenced by advertising, we see an increasing preoccupation with succeeding in the material world; sometimes at the expense of the individual's true nature. I'm not saying that having stuff isn't fun and exciting, it's just that too many of us have power and money our goal instead of the means to achieving our personal harmony.

Numerology is a tool for divining our true nature. It helps us to find the way to express our desires within our true nature. There is flexibility and range within that pathway as well as unlimited opportunities. There are those who instinctively know how to handle money and power. They know how to work it and are built for the tremendous work involved in handling the physical world.

The number eight is the number of power.

This vibration indicates that you have an intense personality that is direct and forthright in it's decisions. Material things are made for you. A pragmatism to your actions and manner works for you in every part of your life. Ambition and drive if properly channeled can lead you to limitless success. Work and projects involving organization and workers will attract you.

You're not afraid to sacrifice for the things you want.

This vibration lives the phrase "The ends justify the means'. This, of course is not always beneficial.

You will be seen as hard and merciless in getting your way and will often be misunderstood by those around you. Your personal life will be a search for stability. The leadership qualities may be channeled into group or civic activities as well as business ventures.

Take advantage of the 8th, 17th, and the 26th of each month.


Executive, Administrative, Law, Business, Financial, Athletics.

Executive, Realtor, banker, commodity broker, laborer, grave digger, ditch digger, archaeologist, antique dealer, prison warden, miner, sanitation worker, religious leader or official, politician, police officer, lawyer, manager,boxer, actor, dramatist.


You are more mental, logical, and downright pragmatic in your attitude to love. You can be seen at first as cold and calculating in your manner. This usually causes the initial attraction and repulsion in the beginning of your relationships. After the dust settles, you are found to be extremely warm and generous in your feelings. You are much more likely to attract older and mature individuals to you because of the seriousness of your character. This character may be offset by your talent, which colors your personality somewhat.

Weddings, romantic situations or people born in January, March, May and October as well as days or people born on the combination 3, 6, and 8 will bring you strong vibrations.

Keep an eye on those born in February, August, June, and September and on the 4th, 1st and or 5th.

If you are born on the 8th, 17th, or the 26th, on in January and October, gambling is not for you. Your true power comes from making your own luck. You are build for systematic work, managerial experience, building a lasting organization or foundation. If you must gamble, keep the odds low and choose sports such as football, boxing, horse racing or dog racing.

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