Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Power of the Occult Sciences

By Daniel Millions

The fascination about occult sciences is not limited to just knowing about the future of one's own life. There are many people who are actively making efforts to understand the elementary principles of these mysterious sciences, which are seem to be prevalent everywhere, but the laws that are associated with these sciences are so elusive that an ordinary mind is unable to interpret or understand them.

In ancient times, it was always believed that interpretation of the occult knowledge can be done only by individuals who have attained a certain state of consciousness, way above others. Their perception is not only mindless, but is superior to the normal state of mind and has the ability to penetrate the hidden realms of the mind and the universe. In fact, the ancient gypsies were considered to have superior knowledge and were able to interpret mysterious influences through tarot card readings.

They could use tarot reading for understanding about life and associating mystical symbols with the events happening in life and society. Tarot card readings have remained popular because of the high level of mysticism associated with the symbols carried by the cards. Only certain individuals trained with a higher consciousness can possibly undertake tarot reading.

In the modern times, however, tarot reading has become a profession and tarot card readings are done by anyone who has some knowledge about the interpretations. Generally, in the modern times, it is difficult to identify the right tarot reader who can have the perfect bearing upon one's life by telling the truth. But, nevertheless, esoteric laws of nature have powerful impact upon human life and these laws can only be interpreted through these occult sciences only.

Modern scientific mind can tend to reject the presence of the paranormal and may refer the occult as a pseudoscience. However, occultists have always pointed out that understanding the paranormal and the secret laws governing it requires a mind that has attained a higher state of consciousness and ordinary, educated or academic minds cannot understand it. The very basic logical rationalization on which the scientific mind stands extensively limits the mind to such an extent that it is not possible to accept the presence of the paranormal in the normal mode of life.

Paranormal laws have always remained elusive even to the best of the scientific minds and also to the common people. While the scientific community continues to reject the acceptance of the supernatural, the general population continues to act out of fear and accept it as part of the unknown world, which mysteriously penetrates through the ordinary goings of life.

Paranormal happenings have been widely reported in many parts of the world. Whether it is some encounter with a strange being, or a reincarnation of a person with memories of past life or unexplainable movement of immovable objects, they all bear some significance to the mysterious laws functioning all over the universe and their interpretation is a superior form of science that exists in the exclusive domain of certain individuals. These individuals with higher state of consciousness use methods of divination's such as tarot card readings or tarot reading and other divination science to interpret the universe.

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