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Reincarnation, Spirituality and a Return to Life - A True Story

By Norma Holt

Numerous people worldwide believe they have reincarnated but are confused by the ignorance and lack of apparent interest in this subject. Whilst we have a subconscious mind and ample testimonies of so-called 'gifted' children who from extremely young ages can already master difficult tasks it surely has to be considered.

In recent years we are increasingly aware of other phenomena that adds to the debate. Under hypnosis, for example, people regressed recall past lives along with place names, dates and times of events they could not know about otherwise. Recently a gentleman wrote to me about his three year old daughter related her stabbing murder at 17 in a State of the USA that she had never heard mentioned, let alone the town she named.

Then there are the weird little snippets of conversation from the mouths of toddlers that could only come from another world. A mother recently told me of her three year old son's outburst. One day as she brushed his hair he suddenly said "mum, when I was a girl."

Little ones often have 'companions' with whom many of them converse. Far from weird these are all indications of psychic contacts and memory of reincarnation. So too are the goose bumps and spine chills we feel at times.

As a man in my previous life it was difficult for me to accept being a female in this one. It is an important point as many are unhappy with their bodies and seek to alter their gender or playrole the opposite sex. This opens a fresh debate on the cause of homosexuality, although all animals engage in that behaviour so it may have nothing to do with reincarnation but it is worth considering.

With so many links to reincarnation either through memory or recall, deja vu, out of body experiences or a psychic event that might leave them stunned or, at least, looking for answers. Yet, finding answers or even talking about it is curtailed by religion and ignored by scientists.

That may not be completely true, however, as some researchers are taking the trouble to look into reincarnation as a possibility. But the methods they employ may be questionable especially as most admit they do not believe in the supernatural. Perhaps my experience can help them out. This is a brief section on my experience.

It happened unexpectedly but was a completely natural event. Standing above my dead body, that of a man around 45 years of age, on a lovely sunny day with the sun high in the sky nothing seemed out of place. That's it! But what passed over was awareness and a sense of belonging as well as the wonderful tingly feeling as my spirit began its journey.

The event was nothing out of the ordinary as it had been experienced before, probably many times. The corpse lay on a dray (horse and cart) whose horses were now quite still in their stocks as though they knew that something momentous was happening but it was not disturbing them. My passing over happened without pain or regret.

There was no fear but a great deal of pleasure. Something great was going to come of my death because it was such a relief. With great anticipation the feeling that 'at last I can do it' was overwhelming. Whatever that something was started me on my path to the next life. But first there was communication with the Great Spirit of the Universe.

In a new body and born just one month after standing above my new parents the memory of what had happened started me questioning the establishment. It generated great passion within me to put things right and it set me on a path of searching for answers that was only resolved when everything came together.

Aware of how weird it is for many to hear someone say "I remember my last death and have memory of being between lives" made me nervous at first. But in talking about it the platform from which my words would be echoed strengthened until my feet were on very solid ground. This happened when a degree helped me to prove the visions and the knowledge brought with me from another world.

For those with no thoughts on reincarnation and who expect the religious view of heaven and hell to be correct it is frightening stuff. It was the barrier facing me and until a method to beat it was resolved there was nothing to do but continue to find a way through it.

It was essential to research religious claims and the origins of opposition to reincarnation, which I have done for most of my life. A degree in archeology, anthropology and linguistics tested the numerous visions given to me, some when between lives, and the research engaged in privately proved justified. Through these my knowledge and understanding of past behavior and its transference into modern codes of worship went beyond the academic levels. This was proven through translations of ancient sites, religious codes and the Mother God, who existed well before, during and after the Ice Age.

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