Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Sense Of Deja Vu

by Mere T.

"Deja vu" means you feel as though you have visited a place before, even though you were visiting it for the first time, or meeting someone for the very first time yet oddly feel that the face is strangely familiar, like you have met him or her years ago, but you are just unable to recall when you seem to have met the person. It happens to many people in their daily encounters, and it makes our lives interesting.

Recently, I met a vendor. When I opened my office door, that familiar feeling surged me, and I immediately told him about this familiar feeling. He sensed the same thing too, but we couldn't recall when was that…I not sure too, maybe i knew him in the past life?

That's a distinct possibility as I believe in such thing called past life. Maria Duval mentioned about past life too, as do many great spiritual men.

Subconsciously, your mind records your past events that happened in your past life and that's why you find it familiar today. Do you know that our subconscious is part of our spiritual soul and this soul accompanies you from life to life. It may appear absurd and this is the mystery where modern science can't solve or explain.

Ever heard about the story of a psychiatrist who hypnotized a patient. While in the hypnotic state, past life memories that were stored in the patient's subconscious mind were awakened and she gave stunning details of her past life experiences.

In Buddhism, there is always the mentioning of past life and how we are like and what place we life or what life we lead today is always linked to our past life. It's an external cycle of suffering and to break free from this endless cycle, one has to achieve the purest state of enlightenment. This is the core of the idea.

If you have ever wondered about the possibility of past lives, a little research may end any doubts that you may have had.

Mere T. is a spiritualist and a support of Maria Duval.

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