Friday, October 31, 2008

Types of Divination - A Brief Look at How People Have Foretold the Future

By Katherine Heiden

It is a good idea to learn about the different types of divination. Since the dawn of man, people have performed rituals and undergone investigations to explain what could be expected of them. From sticks, stones, and bones, to the study of animal entrails, the various types of divination have helped us through many difficult times. Before science was discovered, divination helped early man know when to plant his crops, where to build his homes, and tomorrow would bring. Mighty civilizations employed powerful types of divination to gain an advantage in wars, marriages, and merchant voyages.

Casting types of divination include the throwing of bones, and the casting of runes. Rarely used for Yes/No situations, these forms provide more complex solutions than most people might expect from them. Runes are an ancient path to enlightenment, affected by psychic energies as they spell out a querent's answer. The power of divining subtle truths in this way is available to us all, through divination. We must be aware of those mighty and mystical forces, and learn to understand what they tell us.

The item does not contain the vast amounts of energy required for divining a solution, but instead the item is acted upon by energies that are constantly flowing all around us, filling the air with powers that are so primal they cannot be detected with modern scientific investigations. The item used, whether it be bones or stones, is acted by those forces, which, sensing the question, act to make the answer known. Experienced readers are able to tap into these mystical forces by using different types of divination.

There are many types of divination that are dealt from a pack of cards. The most well known of these is the Tarot deck, whose 78 cards can be interpreted in uncountable ways to provide contextual advice on a querent's dilemma. Many different forms of layout, or spread, may be used with the Tarot, and some can be amazingly elaborate, using as many as two decks. One popular spread is the Celtic Cross, which consists of 10 cards, which attempts to resolve conditions of life and career, among other things.

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