Saturday, October 4, 2008

Use of Mediums on Ghost Hunting Events

By Hazel Ford

A ghost hunt can be carried out in two ways. The first is by investigating purely on a scientifc level. using the relevant equipment and setting up adequate controls within the location. The evidence is based purely on activity felt or seen by more than one person at the same time and the data collated can be analyzed. This is a very effective way of ghost hunting and it is more difficult to hold the findings up for speculation as long as the controls were put in place.

However, when you take a Medium on a ghost hunt it takes on a whole new meaning. The Medium plays a very important and interactive role within the event. He/she usually has an audience of participators who wait eagerly to hear what activity the Medium is picking up on. A good Medium will not only verbalize what they are feeling but will encourage the participants to pick up on these feelings by demonstration. All participants should be made aware at the beginning of the Medium session that this is only one view and that they should be very open minded about what is being said. The should also be made aware that the Medium may have prior knowledge of the location and therefore has every opportunity to investigate it prior to the ghost hunt event. It is then up to the participant to decide whether they believe in the Medium and whether or not they believe he/she is authentic.

A Medium certainly adds richness to an event and can heighten emotions considerably by what they tell the participants. The danger of this is that emotions can have a domino effect, if one person feels cold then you can almost guarantee that somebody else will notice it by default. When a Medium picks up on something sinister it can instill fear into any onlooker. Mediums can claim to take on the emotions of a spirit and this can be quite frightening to watch.

Whether a participant in a ghost hunt believes in the Medium or not it certainly does have an impact on any event. The Medium takes on great importance as being very special and gifted and this in itself sets him/her apart from others which then makes them almost the authority. In my view a good Medium is somebody who can stand up to the challenge of their findings and be able to explain why they are seeing what they are seeing or saying what they are saying in a legitimate and honest explanation.

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Hazel Ford

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