Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekly Horoscope for 27 Oct – 2 Nov.

By: Noel Farrow

Things will be much better for you towards the end of this month. Although you may face many difficulties your psychological state will definitely be more positive now. Your finances will gradually get much better. Try not to lose your temper easily and stick to the defensive mechanisms you have adopted. Positive thinking about your work and generally your future will lead to success.

For the next few days you will undergo some kind of pressure and that’s why you need to stay calm and ready to deal with difficult situations. Never give up! Do not let rumours interfere with your psychological mood especially in the workplace. Your love life will have an unchangeable situation.

This week is characterized by great tension in your workplace. Thus you will have to face changes with flexibility and wisdom. Your personal relationships will undergo many positive changes and will get much better. This is a good week to solve financial problems and to seek for the appropriate support from people around you.

The last few days of October, with the power of the New Moon, is the appropriate time for you to regain power and strongly support what you do and believe in. Compared to others you appear to be mostly favoured these days.
This is the best time for you to change some of your priorities and to understand better your needs.

This is an interesting period for you since you always know how to defend your beliefs. It is entirely up to you to simplify your life and relax. Your morale will be enhanced due to positive changes in your love life. You will still face some conflicts in the workplace however you will manage to overcome them.

Although these days appear to be extremely ominous for you, since you are under the constellation of Saturn, you will have the opportunity to consider possible solutions. You might not have fully overcome your financial difficulties but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Most of you will experience an improvement in your interpersonal relationships, both with your family members and your partner.

This week demands that you take action in advance in all the issues that concern you. Avoid any interference in your affairs and try not to be too enthusiastic when you don’s need to. If you don’t feel ready to make important decisions in your love life then it seems that you might need more time.

The New Moon which is under your sign will give you the opportunity to reorganise your ‘powers’ and support your personal interests. You need to have a plan regardless the general crisis the world experiences nowadays. Try not to have aggressive reactions but on the contrary adopt a tone of conciliation which of course will be to your benefit.

The following days will provide you with the chance to improve personal and professional matters. Try to deal calmly with your financial problems since luck will probably be on your side this week. Do not overdo it as far as your responsibilities at work are concerned.

This week there will be significant changes in your everyday life. This is the right time for you to materialise any plans you might have in mind. Your mood will definitely be improved since many of your aspirations will become true. Don’t neglect any of your talents but try to cultivate them as much as possible. Be aware of any competitors this week. You always have the means to deal with them!

The end of the week will be the best time for you to handle any professional matters. Most of you will receive help from people who love you, which of course will be most welcome! It seems that there will be an improvement in your legal affairs, your studies, even your travels. Furthermore, in love you will have many more pleasant moments.

This week, due to the New Moon, you will have more opportunities for success. There will be some kind of minor improvement in your finances and your interpersonal relationships. Any kind of cooperation will have a positive effect for you. Your love life looks a bit unstable at the moment. Do not have unrealistic expectations. Perhaps you should seek for alternatives.

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