Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Else You Should Know about Capricorn Characteristics

By Matthias Zeitler

A true Capricornian is born between 22nd December and 20th January and is ruled by the planet Saturn. The goat or more precisely the sea goat is the symbol of this earthy zodiac sign. A pure Capricornian will come across as an introvert, submissive, placid, and stoical.

A shy, harmless, sweet and convincing personality and soothing voice help him to create a favorable first impression. Capricornian likes to stay out of the limelight and work silently and perseveringly in the background to attain his goal.

In a party you are most likely to find a Capricornian carefully observing everything around him from a quiet corner rather than fully participating in the revelry.

Positive Side of Capricorn Character

One of the many strengths of a Capricornian is his hardworking nature. He has his eyes fixed on his goal and will methodically plod his way through obstacles and difficulties to realize his dreams and attain success. He is undaunted by failure, stress or abuse and will move slowly, like the proverbial tortoise, but still manage to win the race eventually. This testifies to his strong willpower and resolve.

The ability to submit and adapt is another admirable trait of this zodiac sign. He is always raring to go, has strong leadership qualities, can instantly capitalize on opportunities, abhors laziness and is extremely practical and pragmatic.

The defining trait of a Capricornian is his keenly ambitious nature, but being rather secretive by nature, he doesn't like to flaunt his ambition. But getting to the top at any cost, even if it means indulging in dramatic attempts, is something he will abstain from. His patient strivings and solid worth will ensure that he reaches his goal though he is often in his middle age when he reaches the pinnacle of success.

A Capricornian has a logical and analytical bent of mind with a sudden burst of inspiration to uplift it. He will give paramount importance to security, both in career and in life in general. He is worldly-wise, loves to make safe investments and accumulate wealth for its own sake instead of squandering hard-earned money. As a result he often attains great prosperity and affluence in his middle age, because of his careful planning and savings.

A true Capricornian appreciates loyalty and commitment-be it in business ventures or in love. He is also extremely reliable, aware of his duties and responsibilities and will always shoulder them willingly with a smile on his face. He is one man you can trust blindly and he will never let you down.

Last but not the least, he has a heart of gold.

Negative Side of Capricorn Character

A Capricornian however comes with his fair share of baggage. He is usually an introvert and therefore loves to keep him to himself. He is an extremely private man. At times, though very rarely, he might appear to be capricious and a little obstinate. His pleasant personality belies his hidden mercurial temper. He tends to worry excessively about physical health and is predisposed towards melancholia. He finds it difficult to accept authority, is dominating and may create big-time trouble if he is not given complete power.

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