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What is the Missing Ingredient That Can Overwrite Astrology Predictions?

By Marco Chong

Many people ask me this question: Is Chinese astrology really accurate?

As an astrologer, it is likely that I will say yes. If I said no, I would be putting myself out of business. But to tell you the truth, astrology is accurate only up to a certain degree. It is still up to the individual to change his/her luck. When I first started out in my astrology journey, I always felt that astrology is very accurate.

I felt that whatever I said to my clients was the final verdict of their lives. If I said it was good, it was going to be good. If I said it was bad, then they are going to have bad luck in the periods I mentioned. This belief was fixed in my mind, until I came across 2 clients who changed my thinking forever. Let me share their stories with you, so that you understand that ultimately, you can still create good luck, despite whatever your astrologer tells you.

The first story is about a 68 year old lady. This lady has 3 daughters and a son. She came to ask me about her childrens' luck cycle. After analysing her childrens' 8 characters, I offered to analyse hers for free. She agreed.

From her 8 characters and luck pillars, I found out that she was going through a challenging period. All the elements were unfavorable to her. There was too much water and no fire. Water is unfavorable to her while fire and wood are her favorable elements. She was going through 5 years of water in her luck pillar.

Basing on my experience, there were cases with a similar scenario like hers, but these people were either down with illness or their luck cycle was so bad that no matter what decision they made, it was the wrong decision. As she was talking to me, I didn't feel that her luck was down. She seemed very jovial and happy with life.

I told her that that period of time was quite challenging for her, but to me, it seemed that she was doing well. I shared with her my experience with other clients who had similar astrological results as her, and that those clients went through really tough times.

"What you said is true, this period, it has been very challenging for me. No matter what, I'm grateful that I'm healthy enough to be able to move around freely, and that my children are doing well. " She replied.

I went on to advice her on how to enhance her luck cycle by boosting the effect of fire in her daily life. Here's her reply. . . "Hey, I love hot and spicy food. I have a dog at home and during this period of time, I don't know why I keep wearing red clothes. "

It was something new to me. Basing on experience, when one's luck is down, he/she will always make lousy decisions or boost his/her unfavorable elements through daily activities. To put it simply, he/she will do things which brings more bad luck. I wondered what else did this lady do. Was she a very religious person?

"I'm a free thinker. I don't believe in any religion. I only believe in doing good to others. If I am able to give and to be generous to those in need, to sow good seeds, I believe that no matter how bad my luck may be, I will still survive. There are so many things to be happy about in life."

Now, let's move on to the next story. . .

This story is about a relative of mine. He is someone who is quite close to me. He came to consult me because he felt that his luck was really down. He wanted to know if I was able to advise him on how to enhance and improve his luck cycle. Before I analysed his 8 characters, I realised that he was indeed going through a tough period.

He went for an eye operation, but it wasn't very successful. He wanted to lodge a complain against the doctor because the doctor didn't do a good job. There were other problems with his family life as well. His wife and children were not happy with him because of his demanding attitude.

On hearing his story, you probably would have sympathised with him. You would have thought that the whole world seemed to be against him. Or I should say I thought so, until I checked out his 8 characters and luck pillars.

After checking out his luck pillars and 8 characters, I discovered that he had 20 years of good luck. His favorable element is Metal and he was going through 20 years of Metal in his luck pillars. I was quite surprised as according to what he said, it would seem that he was going through a very bad patch.

I thought I made a mistake in working out his 8 characters and luck pillars. I checked and double checked, but there was no mistake. He was indeed going through 20 years of good luck. But why was he unhappy? Why was he complaining so much?Why did so many "bad things" happen to him?

I realised that he liked to complain about people and things. He was always right. No one was right. Everyone did him wrong. There was nothing or no one to be grateful for. Sometimes, he would get into quarrels with shopkeepers or waiters. When driving on the road, he would start scolding other drivers, if they obstructed his way, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

So what's the conclusion here?

The conclusion is that astrology can be overwritten. No matter what your astrologer tells you, you can still change it. Whether it is good luck or bad luck, it still can be changed. I urge you to only change bad luck into good luck and not vice versa. Don't be like my relative. And yes, the missing ingredient is your attitude towards life and towards others. Are you a blessing to others?

This missing ingredient can override everything your astrologer tells you. Hope you enjoyed this article.

Marco Chong is the author of "The 58 Secret Keys To Home Feng Shui That You Must Know".He practices Flying Star Feng Shui and specializes in home feng shui. Marco has been practicing feng shui and Chinese astrology since 1992.

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