Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zodiac Love Match

By: Mary Lock

The study of love compatibility reveals our hidden desires and unexplored secret realms. The astrology love compatibility between two people can be divined from a careful comparison between a couple’s astrological sun signs. We are all born under the powerful influences of the sun, moon and the planets of the cosmos. Think of your birth as a frozen moment in time of the Universe. Our spiritual, inner being is created at that precise temporal alignment of the skies. Our zodiac love compatibility is forever cast.

The placement of the sun, the rising planets and moon phase mark us all with our distinct characteristics. Our Horoscope signs have a huge impact on our astrology love compatibility with our lovers, mates and potential love interests. Our relationship horoscopes can guide us to that special someone who can tap into our erotic depths. Try an online, love compatibility test to begin your quest for insight into your relationships.

Astrology Love Compatibility: Find Romance

We all yearn for romance, love and affection. When we realize something is missing in our love relationships, we may turn to love astrology for the answers. Insight into the astrology love compatibility with our partners can help us forge a new, romantic connection. Once we understand our lover’s inner needs and motivations through our romance horoscope, we can love with a new understanding and awareness.

Understanding and accepting the personality traits of our lover can lead to a new found spirituality, which translates into romance and sexual attraction. The zodiac love compatibility between two lovers is a powerful covenant of desire and romance elevated to an ephemeral bonding, like no other.

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