Saturday, November 1, 2008

8 Words For the Holistic Mystic - So You Want to Talk to the Dead

By M Kaihau

Throughout my creative changes in spiritual development and road to enlightenment, I had identified there were two areas that challenged me to seek further mediumship guidance. Split between my two choices, effective communication among the living and wanting to enhance my spiritual studies, I decided to ask a psychic, hopefully gain knowledge with psychic news and views.

Keen to begin my training in communication, my one on one session came to an abrupt halt with these 8 simple words So you want to talk to the dead. My reply was instant, NO, and so was the clarity of my situation. How could I communicate with the dead when I could not effectively communicate with the living.

Although one may think, they have advanced enough, in there training to seek out talking to the dead, be sure. Try not to let recognition of a strong intuitive feeling or sense, to communicate, develop into an idea of precognition. By gaining intuitive solutions, by way of seeking spiritual directions, from a professional psychic reading, I was able to identify and initiate problem areas within my pathway to higher consciousness.

Is your psychic mind playing tricks on you or are you not taking note of what your intuitive powers are relaying to you and just bulldozing ahead.

What I learnt through this mystic insight, was my intuitive need to, effectively communicate, at this stage, was not with the dead but with the living. A current understanding of your own personal development and growth will help heighten spiritual transformation.

M Kaihau wrote this article. If you are interested in gathering simple helpful hints, tips and guidelines on related issues visit my website, The "How to" in Psychic.

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