Friday, November 7, 2008

Anaconda Snakes Pictures: Updated and Explained!

Author: Michael Gutemberg

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yetis and the Loch Ness Monster have been reported for centuries yet there have been no verifiable proof of any of these creatures! For cryptozoologists, though, the theory they may exist is utterly fascinating. Likewise, for anyone who is interested in zoology and cryptozoology the anaconda is an equally fascinating study.

Unlike the aforementioned creatures, we know anacondas exist and have ourseles enough substantial proof with available anaconda snakes pictures from reputable sources. What we do not know, however, is how big these snakes actually get. Reported sightings of giant anacondas are where the scientific community holds the most interest thanks to many Hollywoof events to say the least!

What we know about these creatures is that they are accepted to be the world largest known snakes for length and girth. They are found in the South American rain forests and are rather shy creatures which are the foundation of a lot of mystery surrounding them.

There are reported cases from explorers and natives of anacondas reaching over one hundred feet in length. However, there is no verification that this is, indeed, the case. In fact, there is much dispute over how large these creatures can actually get.

A study in Brazil of over one thousand anacondas revealed the average length to be approximately seventeen feet. However, we also know that they can get upwards to just around the thirty feet range. Even while the reported incidents of fifty to one hundred foot anaconda sightings are met with some skepticism, there are still two cases of anacondas measuring over thirty feet that are widely held to be accurate, though no concrete evidence of such is easily verifiable.

In 1944 an expedition shot an anaconda that was subsequently measured at thirty seven feet and six inches long. The snake was believed to be dead but apparently it was not. The reptile escaped before pictures could even be taken!

A renowned scientist, Vincent Roth, also reportedly measured an anaconda to be approximately thirty four feet in length. However, as with the 1944 example, no anaconda snakes picture was taken to prove this claim. Even so, many in the scientific community believe both instances to have some validity to them.

Expeditions to South America have resulted in numerous anaconda pictures throughout the years. It is undeniable that these magnificent creatures are large and imposing. However, the more outrageous claims of snakes growing over fifty feet are somewhat unbelievable. Even if pictures are taken the angle and scale can be skewed and perception can be altered to where it is difficult to determine the actual size.

For cryptozoologists, the discovery of any anaconda over thirty feet would be an incredible boon for the scientific community. This is one of the main reasons these creatures are studied at length and expeditions occur regularly for their study.

Nowadays anyone who captures or finds a dead anaconda of such proportions will likely be sure to have the anaconda snakes picture taken in order to prove their claims. In addition, it is likely that an attempt would be made to capture the snake. Until that time, though, the community at large will take the somewhat delusional though opinion that they can grow from thirty to 100 feet. We just have to thank Hollywood sometimes!

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